Secretly Admired Cell Phone

Cellular panic as the battery ran out, five little beeps and my defeat was sounded. The music thrumming in the back of my mind as my eyes drift to what you’d respond had my signal stayed strong. Because if I die loving you, I hope the words are engraved upon my stone as they’ve been engraved upon my soul.

An eternal sunset to paint the sky in a fragment of your beauty, a million shades all deriving from one source, the most beautiful of orange, pink, and red. I wonder every day if you will feel the same as I do within my bones or if you’ll realize the meaning behind these words and simply discard me.

Because until you tell me you don’t feel that way too I will still hold my hopes, because those hopes are more happiness than anyone else can provide, a light in my world, it may seem a foolish thing to say, to say you are a pinnacle for my continued growth.

The peak at which I will end, because you are something more than I could hope for, more than I could imagine. Something I want and hope to have, to keep you warm within my arms. 

anonymous asked:

What romance/comedy anime do you watch?

All The New Ones, cx
lovely complex,bokura ga it,kimi ni todoke..
actually ive seen every romance/comedy.
even the old ones like mermaid melody<3 and tokyo mew mew <3 (: