I want to snuggle with you.

I’d like to lie on you and put my head on your shoulder and breathe in the same rhythm that you’re breathing. I want to use one of my hands to rub your head, down to your neck, then to your arm, and then hold your hand. I’d like to rest my other hand on your hipbone, which is my favorite part of your body because it’s a straight and bony hip, nothing like my curvy, soft one.

I’d like to stay there long enough so that our awkwardness goes away. I’d like give into the moment. Not ask myself if this is too intimate. Stop worrying about reading the signals that you like me. Don’t think about what will happen with us tomorrow. Stop wondering if your team is winning and how much longer it will be until I get off of you so you can turn the game on.

Make a joke after a few moments of peace, one of those jokes that isn’t funny because of its sharp wit, but funny because it’s a comment on our current state, designed to make both of us ease further into the bubble of each other that we’re currently floating in. You could say something about how I’m not really Dominican, my Spanish is ‘sheet’, I could say you are as thin as the sheets, or how your pet is staring at us from the corner, or how the lady upstairs is walking like an elephant. And we’ll laugh together. Not the laugh that we shared in the bar with our friends. Not the laugh that comes when you watch an episode of parks and rec. Not the laugh that you force when your boss says something mean. This will be the laugh that you saved just for me, the one that’s vulnerable and soft and sweet, because that’s how you’re feeling towards me right now. You won’t think about what I said last week that made you angry. You won’t feel guilty for that thing you did that I would be upset about if I knew. You won’t plan what you’re having for dinner tonight. You will soak the right now of this up. Our moment.

I’d like you to play with my hair. Don’t pat my head with a flat hand, put your fingers under my hair, on my scalp, and then run them through my hair like it’s a waterfall. Wrap both of your arms around me and give me a long, tight squeeze, the kind where in the last second, I need to inhale but I can’t. Then I’d like you to close your eyes, so I can prop myself over your face and study your features freely without you looking back at me. I want to kiss your jaw line, fondle your earlobes, sweep my cheek against yours. I want to stroke the slope of your nose and your eyelids and admire your eyelashes.
I’d like you to run your thumb over my lips. Cup my face with both of your hands. And I want you to kiss me. This will be a kiss that liquefies from light to deep and then back to light. Nibble on my bottom lip, a seemingly endless kiss that doesn’t lead to anything else. It doesn’t need to. We’ll share it simply to feel the warmth that it brings on its own. Then I want you to roll me over. Lie on top of me and hold our arms over our heads so that I can feel all of your weight, strong and heavy.

I want you to start at the beginning and do it again.

First Date

There is nothing like preparing for a first date.

There are the basics:
deciding on your makeup
what to wear
how to do your hair

But that’s not what I’m talking about…
the nervousness of meeting one on one 
the butterflies at spending time with your crush
that heart flutter when they grab your hand and hold it for the first time. 

That’s what I love the most. Embracing the unknown and learning about someone new. 

Secretly Admired Cell Phone

Cellular panic as the battery ran out, five little beeps and my defeat was sounded. The music thrumming in the back of my mind as my eyes drift to what you’d respond had my signal stayed strong. Because if I die loving you, I hope the words are engraved upon my stone as they’ve been engraved upon my soul.

An eternal sunset to paint the sky in a fragment of your beauty, a million shades all deriving from one source, the most beautiful of orange, pink, and red. I wonder every day if you will feel the same as I do within my bones or if you’ll realize the meaning behind these words and simply discard me.

Because until you tell me you don’t feel that way too I will still hold my hopes, because those hopes are more happiness than anyone else can provide, a light in my world, it may seem a foolish thing to say, to say you are a pinnacle for my continued growth.

The peak at which I will end, because you are something more than I could hope for, more than I could imagine. Something I want and hope to have, to keep you warm within my arms. 

anonymous asked:

What romance/comedy anime do you watch?

All The New Ones, cx
lovely complex,bokura ga it,kimi ni todoke..
actually ive seen every romance/comedy.
even the old ones like mermaid melody<3 and tokyo mew mew <3 (:


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