roadtrips are important

Olicity fans, join us Wednesday, May 20th, as we trend: Olicity Roadtrip

NOTE: This is an important trend because I want you to bring all the things you want to see for Oliver and Felicity (together and as individual people) in Season 4 to the trend.  Think of this as your Season 4 Olicity wishlist trend.  Big wants (like Oliver & Felicity to be a united couple for the season, facing challenges together, joint stunts, etc) to small wishes… everything goes!  We know the show writers are currently planning the new season, so now is the time and the trend to put your wants out there.


- No hashtags (at all) for this trend

- Capitalize the 1st letter of each word in the trend slogan (Olicity Roadtrip)

- We’ll be tweeting for the full hour to get the slogan into Twitters top 10 Trending Topics and keep it there, so stick around for all the fun.


Here is the post I was talking about. If you want, you can skip explanation and go straight to bolded changes.

Okay, so due to me learning that rule 63 is considered problematic, I have come to the following conclusion: the desire to write a character traditionally depicted as male as another gender (in my case female) isn’t itself problematic, but the way in which it is done/perceived is (ie rule 63 is switching between just cis male and female and that genderbend doesn’t include genders outside binary etc) and therefore so have been the rule 63 I’ve written. Thus I will be discontinuing my rule 63 series. I don’t know if I’ll have the heart to delete them, b/c I have worked hard and gotten attached to them, but there won’t be any more of them. 

Therefore the changes (not all related to this issue):

  • no more rule 63 fics
  • as a result fewer girls, but more boys
  • possibly more hetero couples to balance out above point
  • more failed attempts at writing momoriko to counter above point
  • possibly more OCs (not really b/c issue; I’ve always liked them and since fandom’s attitude towards them seems to have changed, here’s my chance)
  • more reblogging of non fic/art posts, though not vast amounts
  • possibly more personal posts
  • possibly original stuff (but maybe not; i’m afraid of it getting stolen)

If you have any questions (or anything to tell me really) feel free to give them to my hungry ask box.



trouvaille, n. [tro̵̅o̅ vä′y] 

  • a lucky find, a valuable discovery.

       A roadtrip consists of three important branches; a vehicle, companion and the burning desire to explore the fringes of a city. The city of Tagaytay was, is, and will always be the ideal destination for a day or two of relaxation for my family and I. It is a completely great getaway from the Manila’s city chaos without being completely remote and disconnected; the most perfect place for a hiatus from the hustle and bustle of the Metro.

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