North. South. East. West. Wherever I go, there I am. I can choose any direction, for every direction is the right direction. Yet how can that be true? Surely to live my purpose I must go only one direction? Still the thought that every direction is the right direction feels true. It centres me, emboldens me, fills me with a lightness of being.

If I go due North, I will find the frozen lands of my forgotten gifts. These lands are not barren - quite the opposite. There is life and beauty everywhere, waiting only for sunshine and a modicum of warmth to awaken. It is my Arctic.

If I go due South, I will find a cold white land of hidden knowledge. While it seems bereft of resident life, visited only by birds of imagination passing through on their long flights to somewhere else, it is, in fact, a breeding ground for new ideas. Its real treasures though lie buried deep beneath the ice, the sum of all that has gone before in the journey to here. It is my Antarctic.

If I go due East, I will find my sensuality, my spirituality, my intelligence, the marrying of my mind, body and soul. My dragon is here, protecting and guiding me from the void to my manifestation. It is my Orient.

If I go due West, I will find my sense of adventure, my strength, my cowboy mouth. Here are the wild horses of my freedom, my spirit brothers, always ready to carry me to places unknown. Eagles soar into the sky, their wingtips touching the moon and the sun. It is my Wild West.

In between are a multitude of other directions, ebbing and flowing between the four main compass points. Ever changing, often unknown, my challenges lie here. These are my Roads Less Travelled.

In the centre is my heart, my hearth, my refuge. There is a cat here. He comes in different colours and different personalities at different times, but he is always the same cat. He is Home

© Karen Bayly