One of my favorite book covers happens to cover one of my favorite books.

Roadmarks is the story of Red Dorakeen, who drives a beat-up pickup truck up and down a unique highway. The highway travels through time — exits lead to different historical periods and worlds. The novel deals with Red’s attempt to recreate history as he remembers it, running guns to the Greeks at Marathon. There are dragons and a retired warrior-robot who works as a potter, and sentient computers built into copies of Whitman’s Leaves of Grass and Flaubert’s Flowers of Evil, and a man named Adolf who drives up and down the road in a black VW bug, looking for the exit that leads to the world where he won. 

It is the very image of the picaresque novel.

The original title was Last Exit to Babylon.

In this case, you pretty much can judge a book by its cover. 

Wikipedia: “Roadmarks”

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The road runs from the unimaginable past to the far future, and those who travel it have access to the turnoffs leading to all times and places—-even to the alternate timestreams of histories that never happened.

Why the Dragons of Bel’kwinith made the road—-or who they are—-no one knows. But the Road has always been there, for those who know how to find it, and always will be!

Published in 1979