Depending on what kind running or trucking you’re doing, not every location you pickup or drop off will have a loading dock. Sometimes you have to squeeze in these small parking lots & watch the frustration of customers trying to get in, go shopping & leave.. But they don’t mind when they see some of their favorite goodies being dropped off.. #trucking #truckersjourney #truckinglife #roadlife #bigtruck #semi #18wheeler #EastLA #california #losangeles #america

True Tales From The Road, Pt 17

I am at the Acoma Sky City Casino/Travel Center. To park, not gamble. 10:15 Saturday Night(a tap drips under the strip light) and I am in the store as a couple of women are getting coffee and having what is probably a normal conversation. If you heard all of it. Here’s the only part I hear:
“No, grandma, no. That’s not what flash mob means. Yes a bunch of people show up someplace at the same time. No they don’t all drop their pants and show off their junk!”
“Well why not?”

I myself can think of a lot of reasons, but I held my silence.

God I love people.