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EDIT: aaaaaaaaaargh, wtf tumblr what did you do to teh iamge quality D<<<<

EDIT2: Adding the grey bars seems to have made it a bit better, but it still looks all blurry int he preview. Whyyyyyy e_______e 


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And here’s the image I’ve just mentioned. Commissioner answered super fast. :D 

This pic is for ladydragon323 @ dA, showing Roadbuster in all his skirt-wearing glory.

I have to say, this was awesome to work on, but I think it broke my mind a bit with all those metal bits. I’m torn btw wishing it was a more polished commission and being glad I’m not gonna go through the madness that shading this would have been. 


From the very beginning, Roadbuster and Whirl have been sort of a package deal. Literally. The designs for their toys were taken from the same source (Special Armored Battalion Dorvack), being the only two picked up for the Deluxe Vehicles line. 

But from a non-meta standpoint, they’re always just sort of seen together, even as far back as the Marvel G1 days. In IDW they’re almost always near one another, and we can see from the way Roadbuster refers to Whirl in Zero Point that they must have been close enough to understand each other with just a shared look. So, I think it’s safe to assume that they had become friends. 

And damn that just makes the fact that Roadbuster was the one to give Whirl the Veto even more heartbreaking. I think about these two a lot and it makes me sad. Whirl, you screwed up so damn bad.