so I took a road trip from canada to america and literally minutes after crossing the american border I watched a bald eagle fly past

there are some countries that live up to their stereotypes and theres america


At Home in the Wilds of Guatemala with @soulayers

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For 19-year-old Guatemala City communications student Joselyn Orellana (@soulayers), photography is about discovery. Joselyn frequently escapes her urban life and hits the road, seeking inspiration in the vast nature that her country has to offer. “I feel at home when I’m out in the wild, because no one is there to bother you,” she says. “It’s just you, your camera and all the beauty.”

Walking around the highlands of Quetzaltenango is a favorite getaway. “It is a beautiful valley surrounded by volcanoes and mountainous areas with fruit orchards,” she says. Another favorite spot is Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, near the city of Huehuetenango, where Joselyn has shot photos of abandoned cabins. Though the area is sometimes freezing cold, she says, “The breeze reminds me that I am alive.”

Joselyn often finds herself becoming one with the photographic backdrop. “I connect myself with nature, forgetting everything else and becoming part of the place,” she says. Joselyn describes her photographs as a reflection of her evolving self: “They represent who I am and how I see the world.”