Belgium-based street artist ROA (previously featured here) recently spent some time in Djerba, Tunisia where he participated in the Djerbahood project, an open-air museum project featuring the work of hundreds of artists from thirty different nationalities, all organized by Galerie Itinerrance. ROA made wonderful use of the city’s numerous domed buildings to create fantastic creatures in his signature monochromatic style.

Visit the Djerbahood website to check out many more pieces from this awesome project.

[via StreetArtNews]


ROA’s “Metazoa” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Exceptional Belgian artist ROA currently has a show on display at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City entitled “Metazoa” which showcases ROA’s ongoing series of animal portraits, specifically those forced out of their natural habitats by the cities in which he is showing.  For every animal portrayed by the artist - usually in black in white, sometimes with added red - ROA does a wealth of research studying them.  When he was in Hawaii for POW! WOW! this past February we talked several times and I was awestruck every conversation by his creativity and knowledge.

Continue below to see pretty much every amazing piece from “Metazoa.”:

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