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#tbt: Hoppípolla — Sigur Rós

Perhaps Sigur Rós’ most commercially successful song, “Hoppípolla” (Icelandic “hopping into puddles”), is an ethereal and happy-feelings song. It was released back in 2005 on their album Takk (Icelandic “thanks”). Its slow, melancholic but soothing sounds flow smoothly, caressing your ears and telling you it’ll all be okay. Like most of Sigur Rós’ songs, this one will pluck your heartstrings and have you mesmerized.


Me and the wonderful Billie Piper at the National Theatre - 19/08/14

In the first pic I’m telling her I loved the play and that she was wonderful that night and she said “aww thank you”.

The second one is the moment I showed her the painting (x) and she took it. She said it was wonderful and she loved it and I’m dead because of that. 

The third and fourth picture is of me and her together. In the first one she’s not looking at my camera but that face is adorable and she looks so precious and lbh, no one’s going to complain for more Billie pictures. (Well you could complain about my face because I look awful, but really, why would you focus on my face when standing next to me is the beautiful Billie Piper?)

And finally that’s the painting with her autograph :D

She was absolutely lovely and nice and very charming. She’s so nice with fans, I swear. I knew she would be, but seeing and talking to her in person is was surreal and an amazing experience.

Look at this beautiful banner that the amazing Ro-Nordmann made me! Unto Dust is the story I chose to have a banner made for as a result of the WMASHGChallenge (Go read all the stories!).

As my readers know it’s been since April 2013 since I updated this fic. Good news I’m bringing it out of the deep freeze hiatus it’s been in. I will admit that I think I was a bit scared before of the scope of this fic - historicals are hard. But a month ago I drove through the Panhandle including Boise City, OK which I’m using as inspiration for Panem, OK.

I’ve been planning chapter 4 this week and plan to get the next few chapters written before I begin publishing so look for the first update in almost a year and a half in about a month.

Story Summary: Katniss Everdeen comes from a family of wheat farmers in Panem, Oklahoma, a town in the panhandle. This is the story of how she and her loved ones survive the dust bowl and great depression in the 1930s.


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This is like the cutest thing….. Michael teaches a someone how to be an aussie….

The story of how I met Billie Piper

I said I’d make a post about meeting Billie and now I have no fucking clue about how to do it because I keep going back to that moment in which I actually saw her face and my mind goes blank because let’s be real, how can anyone function after meeting this woman? Anyway, I’ll just get with it.

Note: this is very long and probably boring but I had to write everything down so I wouldn’t forget anything.

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anonymous said:

10, 11, 28, 29

10. Do you ship any characters that have never met?
No. That’s not for me. I need to see characters interact to ship them. I need to see that there’s chemistry there.

11. Talk about your favorite first kiss.
Do I really need to talk? Do I? Just feast your eyes on this:


(and, yeah, I count it as a first kiss)

28. Does shipping come easily to you?
Definitely. And I love love love to ship. 

29. Do you need to ship something to really enjoy a movie/book/tv show/comic?
It definitely prefer to have a ship I like in a TV show or book series, but I don’t need it to enjoy it and love plenty in which I have zero ships. When it comes to standalone books, or movies, it doesn’t matter. 


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5SOS Instagram video - Manly things with 5SOS

I don’t really know why i find this extremely attractive. <3