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I ALWAYS laugh at this!

Dinner Time || Caleb, Angel, Grayson, Desire & Sugar

Caleb walked into the dining room with Grayson, and just liked he liked it, all the ladies were standing there waiting for him to arrive. “Good Evening ladies.” He walked along the line and got a kiss on the cheek from all of them. He smirked at Angel, looking sexy in her dress, and gave her a wink. He took his seat and motioned for them to sit. “Shall we eat now?”


Monday Day 1: Favourite Arc x Bonds

Well my favourite arc is a close one between the Yorknew City Arc and the Chimera Ant Arc, but Yorknew City wins (just) 

The second prompt was bonds, and I originally thought about bonds to his friends, but then I decided to show his bond to the spiders, cause in it’s own way it’s a bond (just not in the positive sense haha) 

It’s hand drawn and coloured so the scan isn’t the best quality, but I like it anyway…

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