upon the suggestion of the lovely psionicbird​, i’ll be participating in RoInktober! a spin-off of inktober but with – yes, you guessed it – ro!

i’ll be posting a quick ink drawing/sketch/doodle a day of everyone’s favorite fanged nation (although mol is certain to make special appearances) for the month of october. roinktober is meant to be super informal, and anyone’s welcome to join!

The Reluctant Bachelor 3/?

THE RELUCTANT BACHELOR | Part III: Red Wine & Scheming
Ninth Doctor (John Smith), Rose, Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Jackie, Mickey

Rating: Teen (maybe even adult for a naughty word/situation??)
Genre: Dating Show AU
Pairing: Nine x Rose

Summary: John Smith is a widower twice over, and has been single for nine years. Jack, his best friend and the host of the dating game The Reluctant Bachelor, decides that enough is enough and manages to lure John into participating in the show.

Thanks to re-sile for reading it through when i needed advice on something.

Gwen covered a yawn with the back of her hand and pulled open the door to Jack’s office. The yawn caught in her throat and she coughed, staring at the sight before her.

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