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The 3rd tarot card is the Empress. Some associated words include:

  • Mothering — Fertility — Sexuality — Abundance
  • Material prosperityPleasure — Comfort — Power
  • Nature — DelightDesirePhysical attraction
  • Health — Sensuality BeautySatisfaction

(Bolded are words that I think would match with Nutcracker’s personality.)

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Rose x Nine; small rural town au

Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Jackie Tyler, Donna Noble
Genre: Romance
Rating: Teen
Word count: 500 + 3.5k
A/N: Sorry for taking forever. But it’s like 4k instead of a ficlet, so maybe that makes up for it??

Rose wipes her forehead with the back of her hand, chewing on her lip whilst giving one of the Dalek sisters’ drab locks a trim. There are seven of them (sisters not locks). Well, they all look the same and she’s never seen more than two of them at the same place at the same time (apparently, they don’t get along). So for all she knows, there might just be two — or even ten. But everybody says there are seven Dalek sisters and that one’s more vile than the other, and if anyone would know, it would be the citizens of the sleepy small town called Gallifrey.

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Hey, I’m Brady (Or Ro, for short) and I identify as non-binary/genderfluid. The last couple years have been difficult, as I don’t have a lot of support at home, and I don’t always feel comfortable expressing myself, because of this. But I’m taking this opportunity to post a never before seen selfie of me (the last one) thats a little old, but still valid. I’ve since been bullied into throwing out a lot of my more “feminine” wears. One day, when I move out, I hope to be confident enough to seek gender therapy so that I can be confident in knowing myself better, and who knows, maybe even transitioning, one day.


Direkte ELEKTRİĞİ … Sokakta ÖZGECANI… Kışlada MEHMETÇİĞİ… Adliyede SAVCIYI… Üniversitede ” FIRAT’I “… Suriye’de SÜLEYMANŞAH’I…
İmralıdaki bebek katilini koruduğunuz kadar KORUYAMADINIZ….

#Elektrik #Özgecan #Mehmetçik #Savcı #Mehmet Selim  #Şehit #FıratÇakıroğlu
#Suriye #SüleymanŞah #Bayrak #Şeref #Haysiyet #Koruyamamak

Having my desktop back in working order has reminded me of how short I am.

With a laptop you can pretty much set it at any height, lap, table, on top of some books/etc

But with a desktop you are kinda limited to the height of your desk

And now Im just kinda stuck here in my chair with my hand s up to my chest typing and craning my neck up to look at the screen