Michael would google himself..lol.

Some FAQs about DERP CON   Incase you were wondering :-)

I don’t live in Los Angeles, how can I come?                                               You don’t have to live in L.A. or the USA to come to Derp Con, the competition is WORLD WIDE! We are gonna be paying for flights for a whole bunch of you to fly over from you home countries and come party with us in Los Angeles :-)

How old do you have to be to enter the competition?                                ANY AGE! If you are under 18, you just need to have a parent/ guardian come along with you and your friend on the trip if you win :-) But make sure you check the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) for your country as they might vary…

If I win, who can I bring?                                                                                 Everyone can bring a mate! Rules are different for each country so make sure you check out the T&Cs in your country first. Those under 18 (*or 16 in some cases) might need to bring a parent or guardian along to party with you & your friend.

What does the prize include?                                                                        Return flights from your country to LA for you and a friend, hotel & accommodation, some food & meals, tickets to our biggest headline show yet as the Forum and exclusive access to out ‘DERP CON’ convention! 

Where are my country’s competition details?                                              Click here and choose your country on the map! There we’ll have links directing to your country’s competition/s :-) If there aren’t any links yet, make sure you sign-up using the form so can let you know once the competitions are ready!

My country is not on the map and I want to be a part of Derp Con too :(  We really want to bring as many of you as we can to Derp Con, so if you can’t come you’ll still be able to get involved online! Details how will be posted soon :)

Am I able to buy tickets to come to Derp Con?                                            No tickets are available to purchase for Derp Con. Those who win the competitions will have exclusive access into the convention!

mxrinis said:

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anonymous said:

It's weird, not being a "kid person." It's like everyone around me has or really wants kids, and I could take it or leave it. It's not that I dislike kids, but I don't particularly like them, either. My friends' kids are cute and all, but I pretty quickly want them to leave me alone, even on a good day, and on bad days I run like the wind. II think that if I am so stunningly disinterested in children under 10, I probably shouldn't have any, but nobody seems to agree with me.

Dude. I agree with you. Some people just aren’t the parent type and that’s okay. Kids are a lot of work. You have to give so much of yourself, and if you’re not into that kind of life, it’s gonna be tough as hell. Ugh, people who put pressure on others to have kids are just the worst. I wish they could respect that not everyone wants babies.

is this good or no
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(the “L” in cuddling is a capital “i” haha)

So i just saw Calum’s dick pop up on my dash

C’mon guys i thought we weren’t gonna do this shit

Literally it feels intrusive and like I’m invading and that ain’t a nice feeling, cause I don’t wanna invade on their personal life (and I’m gonna be honest, i didn’t really wanna see Calum’s dick)

But if I see it again on my dash I’m unfollowing whoever reblogs it.

I thought the 5sosfam on tumblr weren’t gonna spread it. Well I (and the people who also thought that) were fucking wrong

Well done 5sosfam. Well done.