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Brosandi (Smiling)
Hendumst í hringi (Spinning round and round)
Höldumst í hendur (Holding hands)
Allur heimurinn óskýr (The whole world a blur)
Nema þú stendur (But you are standing)
Rennblautur (Soaked)
Allur rennvotur (Completely drenched)
Engin gúmmístígvél (No rubber boots)
Hlaupandi inni í okkur (Running inside us)
Vill springa út úr skel (Want to erupt from a shell)

lellatron said:

Do you know of any good nine and rose fics?? I can't ever find any

Well, I don’t read much Nine and very rarely ones that are adult (if you’re into that) so I’m not the right person to ask, really. But here are some I’ve enjoyed:

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You know what is the saddest thing about znt? Nine was always there to help and save 12 even it costs his own life. But when he was in trouble, 12 simply abandoned him. He can say that he’s embarrassed since he betrayed Nine, but I can’t symphatize with 12 anymore. He supposed to be with Nine.
Many people see Nine as cold and heartless; but if you give more attention it’s easy to see that Nine is more emotional and sensitive than Twelve. He did anything he can but in the end; he’s all alone. He lost 5, he lost 12, he lost everything. He’s empty inside, he lost his reason of living. And now; there’s no one to help or save him. And that devastates me because 9 deserves too much better.

rubbereagle said:

Dunno if you have ended this "game" but whatever ... Top 6 Swedish stuff. Anything. Persons, tv shows, food, anything.

  1. Taxes and that whole system. I love that we all chip in to make life easier for everyone, like free education and medical care that doesn’t cost a fortune.
  2. Parental leave. 480 days divided between the parents. Babies don’t start daycare until they’re at least 1 year old.
  3. We use subtitles for movies/tv shows unless it’s aimed at really small children, in which cases we dub.
  4. SALTLAKRITS (salty licorice/salmiakki candy)
  5. Swedish pizza. Because they’re large and thin and we’ll put anything on pizza. Anything. Fruits, vegetables, any kind of meat or shellfish, and sauces. In every combination imaginable. Most pizza places have over 50 different kinds of pizzas. I mean, look at this menu. I know most of you won’t understand the different ingredients, but trust me. Anything.

6. The seasons. I’d hate living somewhere where there are no seasons! We have a few months of heat, a few months of cold and then the rest is something in between and that’s A OK with me. Variety is the spice of life. It’s also the spice of pizza.

anonymous said:

so i kinda love all the songs you post, you obviously have a super similar music taste to me (impeccable hahaha)! anyways, i'm looking to revamp my music collection, who are some of your fave bands/artists?

aw yay!! <33

lord jesus i love soo many bands:

bastille, kodaline, vampire weekend, birdy, the lumineers, of monsters and men, the vaccines, alt-j, florence + the machine, imagine dragons, passenger, daughter, bleachers, the 1975, passion pit, the kooks, mumford and sons, crystal castles, the neighbourhood, onerepublic, sleeping at last, chvrches, first aid kit, san cisco, ms mr, grouplove, two door cinema club, sam smith, grimes, sleeping at last, little green cars, keaton henson, ben howard, regina spektor, james vincent mcmorrow, hozier, the national, panic! at the disco, lullatone, noah and the whale, ingrid michaelson

(for expositionavenue because her OCs always inspire me!!!)

"And you got me coffee because…?"

"Because I like you! I thought we already established that."

"Yeah, but why?”

"Hm. A mystery for the ages."