Life really is that simple

I don’t know whether it’s growing up in cities but there are things we tend to forget certain things or remain in total oblivion about them until they are thrust before us. That is probably how I felt when a friend took me on a tour of a city in Nigeria called Enugu, as a ‘major’ city, I had certain expectations but I was stunned when I saw these. These were a group of settlers that just move around, set up huts and pack up and leave when the owner of the land chases them out. I was actually impressed at the simplicity of it all, they showed us round their homes, ‘recreational’ areas and told us how they live. Women and children stay at home holding down the fort whilst the men take the cattle out.

Life really is that simple, no school, no electricity, no ambition. I didn’t think it was possible to even live like that.

A Nigerian Observer