do you ever realize that

korra is the most important person in asami’s life…she basically said it in the finale. she wouldn’t be able to stand losing her dad and korra on the same day. she could’ve said everyone, her friends, etc, but she said korra and korra only

asami doesn’t really have many people in her life. she has the krew as her closest friends, but everyone near and dear to her was taken away from her. out of the krew, korra is the one she’s closest to, the one that’s the most important to her

literally to her, korra is what makes her the happiest, korra is her home, korra is love

to korra, asami is that one person she’s able to be vulnerable with, asami is that one person she feels all right and feels safe to be vulnerable around. asami is the one who helps her with one thing korra is afraid of: weakness

we know korra doesn’t want to seem weak and helpless, but she lets asami in, she lets asami help her at her lowest point, she and asami have absolute trust and understanding. korra let asami break down that wall and let her in

their relationship is built on friendship, trust, care, and love

korra and asami literally fell in love with their best friend, and you know so many people say that you should “marry your best friend”

im still not over this

i’ve been meaning to do this since i hit 200 but hey i’m a lazy bag of ass. 2k14 was full of kick-ass people and kick-ass posts, i went through an emotional crisis with mass effect and am now more invested into a relationship with my pixelated bf than my actual one. on that note, here’s a bunch of cool blogs you should be spending your time on instead of following this piece of trash. most are bioware blogs, some animu in there as well as aesthetics. in general, you guys make my dash pretty neat, 4 for you all!



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