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Any advice on how to cope with social anxiety and attempt to make friends for once?

I remind myself that everyone is far too preoccupied with themselves to give much of a shit about what I look like or whether I’m behaving correctly/saying the right things. I don’t know with regards to making friends, I think you just have to be willing to let it happen and not block every advance you or someone else makes with self-deprecation. People will float in and out of your life, it’s fine, roll with it, be forgiving of yourself when you feel it hasn’t gone right. 

She Knew

A/N: So Colin said a thing and this little baby bit has emerged from the depths of my brain. I regret nothing. 


She could feel it. 

She could feel it in the way he spoke.

The way his hand softly trailed along her cheek.

The way his words were a muted whisper

She could feel something wasn’t right

This was more than a “I’ll see you after" moment. 

This was goodbye.

A final goodbye. 

"Emma, love…" She knew there was something. Something important. Something he wasn’t telling her. "You can break this spell." Deflecting back to the issue at hand. She nodded, offering him a tiny smile before avoiding his eyes as he wiped a few tears off her face. "I know you can, love." There it was. His complete and utter faith in her, in her ability. 

Always when she needed it most.

"Killian," She began, using his name to show it was important. "This isn’t goodbye forever. You know that right?" Saying the words made her feel empty, because his answering smile didn’t reach his eyes.

"Come on Swan, you’ll break the spell and everyone will be back to…well, as normal as they can be in this town." His fingers twirled in her hair and his face fell slightly. He masked it quickly enough, but just like the day previously, Emma could feel something was wrong. This time he didn’t make it as obvious. He wasn’t drilling a hole in her head. He was staring at her intently.

Like she was the sun, the stars and the moon.

"Emma, whatever happens, you know that I lo-" She pressed her lips to his, cutting him off. 

She knew.

This was a goodbye.

A final goodbye. 

She could see it in his eyes.

Whatever he didn’t tell her, whatever he didn’t want her to know, had something to do with the fact that he didn’t believe he was going to return to her. 

So she gave him everything she could in that moment, ignoring the fact that her parents were standing there. 

She pressed her body against his, closing the space between them entirely. Her hands were on his face, holding him to her. In that moment, everything disappeared. Everything stood still. They weren’t in the station getting ready for a spell that will change everything, they weren’t waiting for their impending doom if the spell couldn’t be broken by Elsa and herself. Everything stood still.

It was Emma and Killian.

Like in Neverland.

She kissed him with every feeling she could before she pulled away.

"Save it for after the spell…okay?" He smiled briefly, keeping his eyes on her lips as his forehead rested against hers. 

"As you wish." 

Her heart broke a little when he said it.

She knew it was goodbye.

A final goodbye.

And as she pulled away and went to take her brother from her parents, turning at the last second to see him drop his eyes to the floor before heading away. She saw something that broke her even more.

He was crying.



My Nite Owl Diner - I’ve never spent such a long amount of time on an image. I really, really hope you guys like this one. 

The idea came about because I don’t really have a DC OC - I have a DC OP - Other Place, that is, called the Nite Owl Diner that caters to superheroes via use of a boom tube in back. 

The Justice League International are the first ones I decided to draw in it because, you know, they’re my faves. I wish I had been able to fit everyone I wanted to in it - I also wanted to have L-Ron, Captain Atom, the Dibnys, and Rocket Red but it just didn’t work out. FOR THE NEXT ONE! 

Anyway I reeeeally hope you guys like this. Once I figure out how to do it, I’m going to try and sell my very first prints~

And thanks so much to the people who helped me out in my final hours - squidbiscuit and gothampeasant. It’s such a relief to get other peoples’ opinions; I’m terrified of putting unfinished stuff out there. 

OK so the characters presented are Martian Manhunter, Batman, Captain Marvel/Shazam, Power Girl, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, the waitress/owner is an artist expy, Mr. Miracle, Big barda, Fire, Oberon, G’nort, Ice, Guy Gardner, Skeets, and Maxwell Lord. 

Gosh guys, I’m really excited about this image - let me know what you think ok?