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What is your secret to success?

Well I have three main things that I live by which are really helpful and have made me a better person I believe, and honestly that is a success right there!

  • Expressing gratitude whenever someone does something for you, no matter how big or small, a genuine and sincere expression of gratitude can really boost both your mood and their mood. I know that when someone is sincere and shows appreciation for something I’ve done, it gives me a good feeling, so adopting this and sharing it with people surely benefited both myself and those around me. Showing appreciation for all things and expressing this has helped me become a happier person, and honestly being happy is as much as a success as any academic or monetary achievement! 
  • Being kind to people is really important as you may never know what kind of day that other individuals are having, and your one nice comment towards them, or even just a smile in passing may be the one nice thing that they remember about your day. Know your limits though, don’t let yourself be exploited by other people for your kindness, from personal experience with a single individual it can be a very detrimental relationship and very emotionally draining. Know your limits and don’t be afraid to set boundaries for yourself. Being kind to people gives me a spring in my step and warm feeling in my chest, once again, happiness is as much as a success as anything else!
  • Finding a balance with serious thing like work/study and fun things like socialising/media consumption is crucial. During the first year of the HSC I was so focused on my studies and it lead me to isolate myself and caused all this unnecessary stress and emotional breakdowns which were detrimental to both my grades and my social life, so finding a balance really saved me. Limiting myself to working only on the weekends and allowing time for one or two social events after school each week really gave me the stimulus I needed to benefit myself and as a result my grades improved and my social life improved, and in the end I though that what I had achieved was a success!

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10x07 "Girls Girls Girls"

"That was your story. Look man, I’ve got one of those too. Okay, but those stories that we tell that keep us going… Sometimes they blind us. They take us to dark places."

There were a lot of powerful moments in this episode. Momenst filled with anger, with grief, with desperation. Moments of struggles. Moments of powerful speeches. To me it was this moment though that was one of the most powerful moments of the entire episode (and believe me there are a few favourite moments). And it came without any words and without any facial expressions. And it said and delivered a lot.

The whole confronatation and conversation between Dean and Cole here is a topic that I am sure tumblr will explode with in terms of meta and analysis. And that for good reason since there is so much to uncover here. It’s impossible to get all of it down in one post without writing a freaking novel, so I won’t even try.

But for a moment I’d like to talk about this scene, because from the moment Cole stepped into view, right behind Dean, like a shadow. So similar in posture, so similar in dressing, so similar in how he holds the gun, it was made unmistakably yet again how their stories are entwined. And about stories it’s been for a while now, hasn’t it? About unreliable narrators and about the stories we tell ourselves about who we are.

I talked about this when 10x02 aired already, but I think it’s interesting to look at it again. To me Dean killing Cole’s dad mirrors Azazel  breaking into the safety of the Winchester’s home and making Dean witness his mother’s death. Whether Dean was a monster or not at the time doesn’t matter (and Cole is right, that even if Dean wasn’t a demon when he killed him he still was a monster in a way and he might still be - it’s a choice after all) really. Both lost a parent early in life, both were lead astray, lost their way, became monsters to get revenge. So when Dean tells Cole what is mentioned above. He not only acknowledges their shared pain and tragic past, it’s also a first step at redemption in my opinion. Dean might say at the end, that he told Cole just what he needed to hear, but there is a lot more to it than Dean lets on and might realize himself.

The first and second episode of the season made their connection clear already (look wise, dress wise, etc.), but in this scene it’s even more obvious. The way I see it, when you get right down to it, in a way Dean is having a one-on-one with himself (I am sorry but the ring on Cole’s finger reminds me a lot of the one Dean used to wear). Yes, to me it is almost a mirror shot. He is telling a younger version of himself to turn around, get out. Give him the chance he himself never had. And it’s been so long that is incapable of seeing how his story could turn out different, how he holds the pen, that it’s up to him.

He’s got his version of himself, his story. He needs to start listening to the stories others have about him - the same way he should have listened closer during the musical - because even though he says

"The people, who loved me pulled me back from that edge."

it doesn’t seem as if the weight of what that means has truly sunk in and just one line after that it gets clear why

"Once you touch that darkness, it never goes away."

Dean isn’t out. He is still trapped within. And though he is able to give the well meant advice to not touch that darkness or you’ll never come back (which is the same thing he told Kate about Tasha and which to me opens up the possibility that we’ll see a lot more struggle for Dean), he is unable to take the hint himself.

This scene is extremely layered, so while Dean might as well play another mind game against Cole here the way he did in 10x02, only to get him off their trail, to me he seems sincere here. In fact to me it’s almost something like a first step towards redemption. Yes, they fought in the beginning, but in the end to me it was something like “words over violence”. Though sometimes words are just as sharp as razor blades.

That is why this scene of them both handing the gun back and forth is such a powerful visual to me. Dean gives Cole the gun to make his decision after he shared his side of the story. handing him the gun with the dark side up. Because that is what he is struggling with. It’s really horribly ironic that they exchange the gun in what almost can be seen as them giving each other the hand as a peace offering. Albeit with a weapon in between (aside from the visual reminding me of Michelangelo’s most famous painting of the creation of Adam). Both could have easily shot the other, but they didn’t. They listened. They “talked it out” in a way (as much as it is possible anyway). And then Cole gives Dean the gun back. Not with the dark side up. But bathed in light.

Of course that’s all highly speculative, but if I wanted to dare to hope, I’d say with a little luck at some point Dean will see that light as well or rather find it within to illuminate the darkness. After all, sometimes all it takes is just a tiny spark…