Shinigami flavors

As requested by anon. :)

Hollows like to eat shinigami. This we know. But rarely has the question been asked - what do shinigami taste like? Well, as it turns out, shinigami have highly individual flavors! In fact, here’s what various shinigami would taste like to a hollow!

Kaien: Cool and refreshing, like a cucumber

Ukitake: Elegant and bubbly, like champagne

Rukia: Sweet and cold, like sherbet

Kurotsuchi: Gelatinous and strong-smelling, like lutefisk

Nemu: Tastes like she could secretly be poison, like almonds (or is it arsenic?) 

Kenpachi: Messy and salty, like barbecued ribs

Almost too sweet to handle, like chocolate caramel fudge topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and powdered sugar. On a brownie. 

Ikkaku: Flavorful but surprisingly healthy, like salmon

Yumichika: Difficult to eat but tasty, like artichoke 

Hitsugaya: Cold and a little bitter, like grapefruit from the fridge

Matsumoto: Rich and juicy, like duck breast 

 Sour on the outside, sweet on the inside, like sour gummy worms

Mashiro: Crunchy and sweet, like a lime jolly rancher

Hisagi: Hard on the outside, chewy on the inside, like a tootsie roll pop

Kyoraku: Tastes sake-like, like sake

Nanao: Tastes strong and sharp, like blue cheese

Komamura: Spiky looking but sweet, like dragon fruit

Iba: Earthy and strong, like dark coffee

Byakuya: Simple and refined, like expensive white chocolate

Renji: Surprisingly sweet, like pineapple you expected to be sour but which is actually incredibly sweet

Aizen: Tastes of so many flavors that it quickly becomes disgusting, like shoving a whole handful of differently flavored jelly beans into your mouth

Shinji: Tastes like a fruit roll-up for some reason

Sweet and spicy, like chocolate laced with chili powder

Unohana: Surprisingly spicy, like guacamole that turned out to be wasabi

Isane: Warm and festive, like nutmeg

Gin: Delicate and sickly sweet, like an overripe persimmon

Rose: Warm and flavorful, like butterscotch pudding

Kira: Goes from the bitterness of raw ginger to the warmth of ginger tea…depending on his mood

Omaeda: Salty and greasy, like chips

Soi Fon: Tastes like you might be about to die, like eating fugu

Tastes like chicken for some reason

Yamamoto: Salty and a little tough, like beef jerky

Ichigo: Tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry

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