The Prince of Tennis e168 and e169


  • "Ryoma’s Decision"? That sounds ominous.
  • Inui and Eiji from B group have been decided for National’s regulars but they still have to play against each other.
  • Oh, his choice is going to have to be between Nationals and the U.S. Open?
  • He probably doesn’t even realize since he’s unlikely to have read the letter.
  • HAHA called it.
  • Woops, Tezuka overheard.
  • Ryoma about to take off to go see Nanjiro but Tezuka stopping him and reminding him of his responsibilities in the intra-school tournament.
  • HAAAAA Mizuki and Yuta hiding in the bushes, overhearing and filming everything.
  • When did Yuta become Mizuki’s disciple? Even Yuta wants to know.
  • Mizuki’s laugh always sets me off and I can’t help but laugh for a minute or two.
  • Fuji to Tezuka: “It seems like you’re more interested in Echizen, though…”
  • I love watching Eiji in his matches. He’s so much fun. We’re pretending here, of course, that they’re never sad and/or tense.
  • On the other court, Ryoma’s not wasting his time in making a meal of his opponent. Obviously in a hurry to get outta there.
  • Tie break for the Eiji-Inui match.
  • Eiji looks so happy! *smooshes*
  • Inui needs to stop his data play and be the bad ass we all know he is when he lets loose.
  • They are really going at it…
  • Shit, we didn’t get to see his eyes.
  • GLASS BROKE. SAW ONE EYE. (yes, this is thrilling stuff, ok?) Ryoma wasn’t around to see it.
  • Inui won!
  • Ryoma charging into his house and confronting Nanjiro about the U.S. Open.
  • Ryoma says he’s not going!


  • Since this one is titled “Wavering feelings” I doubt he’s really not going (also, I already know he does, so…)
  • Ugh. Sakuno again?
  • Why is she still holding onto the tennis ball with Ryoma’s face? Sakuno, you’re making me have pukey feelings.
  • LOL Ryoma commenting on how Sakuno’s hair is too long. What a random personal acknowledgment from him.
  • Eiji: “in a ‘wow wow’ situation”
  • Everyone’s anxious faces…
  • Momo and Eiji fawning over Ryoma after he said he wasn’t going to the U.S. Open
  • Ooooooh Taka-san again! Never. Get. Enough.
  • Arai pretty much just taking a **** on the court when faced with Taka-san’s balls.
  • What’s Fudomine doing at Seigaku!? HI SHINJI! I SEE YOU BACK THERE.
  • Shinji muttering: “Mizuki-san from Rudolph has been going around. That guy has a big mouth. But I wonder if this means that we won’t be able to play against Echizen-kun anymore? I wanted to play against him again…because, you know, it’s not cool to stay a loser.”
  • See all the sweat drops appear as Seigaku and Fudomine players listen to Shinji go on and on…
  • Tezuka confronting Ryoma about not going to America, being his voice of reason and basically telling him he’s likely to regret his choice if he doesn’t go.
  • Oh, first time we see Tezuka’s match since the intra-school tournament started.
  • Ahh, he’s like a God on the court with the way they angled the “camera” up at him.
  • Pretty sure the sun just shone around him as he hit that serve.
  • Shinji, re Tezuka: “There are guys whose existence itself is perfect.” SO TRUE, SHINJI.
  • Ryoma asks to keep the ball that Sakuno has with his face on it.
  • What? Ending the episode that way? That’s balls, man.