tbh it wouldn’t make sense for Wicked Weaves to just draw the Demon’s physical body into Purgatorio. like imagine Madama B. walking around in Inferno when suddenly her fucking leg disappears into a portal, it wouldn’t work.
instead, as i think anyway, the weaves simply construct a physical form by channelling that Demon’s soul/life force which canonically transcends their physical being and even consciousness as Rodin uses it to power your weapons. it also explains how Bayo can punch so fast there are like 3/4 fists existing at once, despite Madama Butterfly only having 2 arms.

Gomorrah breaking loose can simply be explained by him drawing energy from the world around him due to the portal’s malfunction, instead of the hair. if you think about it, that would explain the sudden storm better than “it was dramatic so…”


It bugs me that Gomorrah looks so alive when summoned, like the hair pulses and there are empty spaces to him because he’s made of hair and only the head needs to exist but everyone else’s models are like a complete solid model with just a shitty hair texture that washes over them

like it would be fine if they all did it but everyone else just looks worse because Gomorrah looks so good


"witch apprentice be like ’HURR HURR, GON GO SAVE JAN’" – Camalilium, 2015

After this, I’m done, but I realised the sheer hilarity of the Witch Apprentice’s lack of any expression was lost on anyone who wasn’t entirely familiar with the cutscenes, so here’s a comparison set.