Dad: So why do you play ACNL so much anyway? Can you just not beat the game?

Me: Dad, you do not beat the game.

Dad: Huh?

Me: It starts slow, you become the mayor of your town of animal friends, you do jobs for them, feed them, buy them things, all while running your town and making it look exactly how you want.

Dad: So… Its like a life simulator?

Me: Kinda of, but the more time you invest into the game, the more you ge hooked into it. You keep playing, you catch all the beetles, bugs and diving creatures, you unlock all PWPs, you think your finished then?

Dad:… Yes?

Me: NO. You skip a day playing and your bestie will move out, or you streetpass the wrong house and get a scary looking villager move in on your perfect plants. Leave for too long and your town is overrun by weeds and your little friends wont remember you. You constantly change your town and home for the better and worst Don’t you see dad?

This isn’t just a game.


Dad:… We are not buying you the Wii U version whenever it comes out.

Trying to get the kids to appreciate the value of lying in a blanket nest and watching cartoons. It’s only 50% effective. Max wants to jump up and down.

No new job

When I was there last week everyone seemed so positive ( the boss included) I was just asked to wait for the department chiefs decision who was sick at the time.
Got the call today with sad news. The department cheif said "She didn’t want young girls out of school that get pregnant in a whim and rather someone already working 20 years and be done with childbirth"

I didn’t discuss becuase no matter what you say the decision was already made

But for me personally it was an insult since I don’t plan to have children and am so done with society just ASSUMING and EXPECTING me to be a Housewife/Mother tomorrow.

WELL then I soon will have a LOT of freetime.