Yo followers, you there?

New blog music.

I’ll be returning to sims shortly (3, maybe some 4 if you want it.)

Also I got a puppy a week ago. This is her adorable face. She’s 9 weeks old. 


She’s a Siberian Husky and her fur’s red :) Her name is Khaleesi. She likes to chew up the carpet in my apartment, so that’s what I’ve been busy with lately. <3 I’ll be back soon.

James Potter would totally be the best confidence booster ever. Like one of the marauders is feeling down and James would totally be the first one to be like

"Padfoot don’t listen to your family, you twat. You’re bloody brilliant! In fact, if I wasn’t with Lily you’d be my first choice. Even I have to admit, you’re arse is perfect."

"MOONY. You are extra fergalicious today, very wolfy *most obvious wink ever*"

“what do you mean your useless? Do you not remember the great Pygmy Puff race of 76’, Wormtail?!!? DO YOU NOT REMEMBER YOUR VICTORY OVER US? WE WERE PEASANTS IN YOUR PRESENCE THAT DAY, MY LORD.”

Motherhen!James gives me life