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Url: cullencircus
Nickname: Ali (and my mom don’t need to know it, never)
Birthday: January 09th.
Gender: female 
Sexuality: straight (I need a man haha)
Height: idk hehe but is short, very short 
Current timezone:(UTC-04:00) Cuiabá (Brazil).
Time and date: its 06:13 pm, 08/29
Last thing you Googled: fka twigs (blergh)
My most used phrase: i think is, “great job guys”, for my students hahaha
Last thing you said to a family member: i’m hungry
Favorite beverage: definitely water and coffee.
First word that comes to mind: pizza/fat
Places that make you happy: any place
Number of blankets that you sleep under: just one.
Last movie you watched at the cinema: I don’t remember the name, it was with birds hahaha.
3 things you can’t live without: my laptop, wifi, books. 
Something you  plan on learning: spanish
Piece of advice for your followers: think twice before be a fan, ooooopsss

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why does rob always do photoshoots that involve being with like naked women and kissing women like can't he just do a normal fucking photoshoot omg i'm sorry i'm just mad cause i miss rob and kristen so much and then seeing that picture is just like, really? i know he's "working" but still...

hahahaha I think it’s because he’s SEXY AS HELL lol Also because the photoshoots he made with Kristen were always related to Twilight in some way. And let’s face it, we all know that most of the audience is really young so they couldn’t REALLY make sexy photos or anything like that.

Since Dior has NOTHING to do with Twilight , people that were involved with the commercial wanted to show his sexy side (THANKS GOD FOR THAT!! lol) to sell the perfume, fair enough don’t you think?

Look, fragrance’s commercials always have this sexy appeal, it’s just to call people’s attention, It’s normal. As you said, he’s working.. It’s just another job! (:

Btw I understand how you feel… I miss RK too, but let’s be patient.

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Do I follow them : Yes | No | Now

Do they follow me : Yes | No - umm, idk, she reblog/reblogged stuff from me but don’t follow me (i think, and tumblr also say that, so i am not sure)

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how did you meet jenny?

I unfortunately never met her in person  :( But she’s one of my lovely virtual friend that I was lucky to meet here on tumblr!