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R+K Formal Pictures with Grandparents and Ninongs and Ninangs

Since we only had so much time in the chapel, we had to continue the formal pictures with everyone else outside of the chapel.  We were going to have the pictures outside besides the garden at the Inn at St. John’s, but just as we were about to, it start pouring.  Rain is suppose to be good luck on a wedding day :)  It stopped pouring when we finished taking pictures - it was so perfect timing!  But we were still able to take beautiful pictures at the hallway - good lighting.  Only problem was that it was the hallway from the Garden Gallery (where we were having hor d’oeuvres) to the bathroom - so people were constantly walking back and forth.  But we made the best of what we could :D

These pictures turned out much better, lighting-wise, compared to inside the chapel.  Unfortunately I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked in taking the formal pictures - as I missed a few that I wanted =/ 


R+K Ceremony Part 3

We opted out of the unity candle, since the entire wedding is suppose to be symbolizing the unity all together.  But we did keep the Filipino Wedding Traditions.

After we exchanged our rings, we had the Coin or Arrhae [ar-ra-heh] Ceremony.  Traditionally it symbolizes the prosperity that we would share and our commitment to mutually contributing to our relationship, our future children, and our community.  The thirteen coins, which stand for Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles, symbolize their dedication and commitment in supporting each other.

Prior to the eucharistic celebration, we had our candle, veil, and cord ceremony.  The candle symbolizes the light of Christ, the same light we received at Baptism and now receive again to lead us into our new life as a couple.  The two individual flames represent God’s presence shining in our lives.  The veil which is draped over us, to clothe us with the divine love and protection.  It symbolizes the presence of the Lord, as the cloud was a symbol of His presence.  It is placed over our shoulders to symbolize our union and being “clothed as one” in unity.  The cord is then placed over our shoulders in a figure of eight (representing infinity) to remind us of our bond in God’s love, that indeed we are no longer two, but one in our new life as a couple.  


R+K Ceremony Part 2

Since we did the first look, I still wanted something special to surprise Rlan.  And what better way then making my wedding dress different for the ceremony?  I’ve always wanted Filipiniana butterfly sleeves for my wedding dress - so really I wanted to find a custom dress in the Philippines.  But that didn’t happen.  So while in search for my dress, I tried to find a dress where the sleeves would work — just have someone make the sleeves for me :)  Luckily, the seamstress at the Wedding Shoppe, said she’d be glad to help and used part of my dress to make my butterfly sleeves :)  I’m so glad they worked out!  

One of the many things I enjoyed about our ceremony was how our priest, Fr. Enno, suggested we sit off-centered, facing everyone.  I liked it a lot, especially since it still draws the attention towards the altar and also so everyone can see our faces and not just our backs! (I guess now it was pretty stupid trying to find a dress with a gorgeous back :P)  

It was a beautiful ceremony!  We were also blessed to have two priests to “preside” over our wedding.  (Though it should have been 3 - we just hadn’t had a chance to personally invite Fr. San)  And I’m also glad that I was able to add so many songs and have the beautiful voices of my friends, Joh and Patrick :)

Tita Cristy was also able to make our beautiful flower arrangements at the two sides of the altar.  As well as our centerpieces for our reception.  We were so blessed that the Inn at St. John’s provided us a room to set up our flowers and store them overnight!  It took a lot of pressure off of us trying to figure out how to transport all the flowers!  God always provides :D


R+K Wedding Pictures: Pictures at Parmenter’s Northville Cider Mill 
(© Venture Photography

We took the bridal party out with us to Parmenter’s Cider Mill in Northville to take our group pictures.  It was a beautiful venue and we were able to get a variety of pictures all in one location :)  We took two cars out, but one car got lost on the way - I guess we didn’t plan this out very well.  At least it wasn’t that far from the venue.  Bridal Party pictures on their way — tumblr only allows 10 pics per post.


R+K Wedding Pictures: Krystle’s Preparations Part 1
Venture Photography)

Wedding Dress: the Wedding Shoppe
Wedding Shoes: Nina
Wedding Ring: Tappers 
Hair: Kristin - Aqua Salon (she’s now at Tricho Salon and Spa)
Bridesmaids Presents: Robes from ThaiChill (Etsy)
                                     Jewelry from David’s Bridal

Happy 2014 :) God has blessed me and my mahal with such a wonderful 2013 can’t wait for what The Lord has in store for 2014! Wishing everyone a blessed 2014! #rklovestory


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