Rain keeps falling
  • Clare:raced up the steps of the beach house trying not to lose her balance. The rail she was holding onto with one hand was already slick from the rain that had finally started to fall this afternoon after threatening to all morning as she made the drive. The closer she’d gotten to her destination the darker the sky had looked. They’d clearly picked the wrong weekend to start their month long vacation. But everyone had plans for later on in the summer so the beginning of June had seemed best. They definitely weren't going to be working on their tans, swimming, or having a barbecue until the weather cleared up though. Clare was out of breath by the time she’d made it up to the porch. Why hadn’t it occurred to her to bring an umbrella? They all had a key but by the time she dug it out of her suitcase she would be soaked to the bone. What really had her freaked out was the fact that this could turn into a real storm at any moment and she hated thunder and lightening. To be honest, Clare was afraid of storms and of the dark. What was she going to do if the electricity went out? She’d be trapped in a strange place! The sleeping arrangements had already been settled and she hoped Alli, who knew of her fears, had prepared herself for the fact that Clare was going to need cuddles. Finally, Clare had her key in hand and quickly moved to unlock the door when she heard her name being called. When she glanced over her shoulder, she saw Imogen making her way towards her. A smile formed on her lips. She hadn’t seen Imogen or most of their other friends since graduation.
Day 4-Washington


Today, I’m in Washington and I’m enjoying this city a lot.
If you went to Washington, you must visit the White House.
The White House is the home of the American president.


The city of Washington


The White House

Washington is the federal capital of the USA.

In Washington, you can find a lot of restaurants and hotels. Washington is an athletic city, there is a basket-ball team, a baseball team,a hockey team and a soccer team. The soccer team is the D.C. United, they won 4 MLS titles and it is one of the most popular team in the country.


RKF Stadium (Home of the United)

My hotel is the Four Seasons Washington DC.


My suite at the Four Seasons

See you tomorrow for a post on Boston.



He gave me a dead rose the day before he left. He spoke the words:

"It reminds me of you, y’know. Something that appears so dead, claims to not have the tiniest bit of life left inside, and yet, it’s capable of hurting you if you hold it too tight for too long. Isn’t it quite strange how something so lifeless can do that?"

He was referring to the thorns, I guessed.


—  oh how did things turn out like this.
At RKF Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Hasanuddin

Hanya kuisnya yang bikin kita bertahan😂 – at RKF Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Hasanuddin with Dha and Rada – See on Path.

anonymous said:

what is a pet peeve of yours?

textposts that are like:

"haha i ship makoharu but i’ll respect rinharu!!!!111! #rinharu #makoharu #makorinharu #rinmakoharu #free"


"why do people argue over rinharu and makoharu?1?1Q?wr, just put them in a threesum!111/q.rkf;ljgl;ih #free iwatobi swim club #free eternal summer #rinmakoharu #makorinharu #rinharu #makoharu" like um maybe some people don’t like threesomes ??????????? like me?????????????????

oops i got mad