"Confessional", progress as of July 2014.
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Figured it was time to post this drawing, as I’m not sure when (if ever) it might be finished, or when I might even have something new to show next.

A scene from my and RJ’s story with Lowell (left) and Billie (right).
(Hint: Lowell’s mute.)
Lowell © Shy Custis | Billie © RJ Britton


The 5 x 7” prints (a few half-shown on the far right) and notepads came this week! Now just waiting on the pins, shirts and stickers as far as the extra swag goes. The books will be the last things to make it to us, unfortunately, BUT SOON.

(Clockwise from left- Felix’ bookmarks, Coey’s note pad, RJ’s notepad, 5 x 7” prints, the decal, charms, Reapersun’s magnets.)


After its debut at Sundance, Deadline reports that the bidding for the worldwide rights to Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s Me And Earl And The Dying Girl has reached a record setting deal of $12 million.

The movie is an adaptation of Jesse Andrews’ 2013 novel of the same title, and follows the story of Greg Gaines, an awkward, self-deprecating high school student determined to coast through his senior year as anonymously as possible. Avoiding social interactions like the plague, Greg spends most of his time remaking wacky versions of classic movies with his only friend, Earl. Greg’s well-meaning mother intervenes, forcing him to befriend Rachel, a classmate who’s been diagnosed with leukemia. Against his better judgment, Greg concedes. Both Greg and Rachel are surprised—even shocked—to find out that they actually like each other. Tentative at first, this unlikely duo becomes inseparable. But when Rachel gets sicker, Greg’s well-fortified world is changed forever.

The cast includes Thomas Mann, RJ Cyler, Olivia Cooke, Nick Offerman, Connie Britton and Molly Shannon.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - News


電影少年與絕症少女的非典型愛情故事《Me and Earl and the Dying Girl》目前日舞呼聲最高



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