I couldn’t look you in the eyes yesterday because when I look at you it hurts fuck it hurt and no I don’t want to be your fucking friend I want to be your princess I want to be your baby I want you to hold me at night and tell me about our wedding fuck you man fuck you
—  " Text messages I never sent " R’J

More Nat’l Corvette Museum 20th Anniversary pics…

More static displays: Assembly and homage to Route 66. This group of photos:

1.  74 convertible body drop
2.  74 convertible body drop (side)
3.  70 roadster in Laguna Grey
4.  Route 66 62 C1 in Fawn Beige
5.  Route 66 62 C1 rear

I will not let this heart break make me bitter and evil my next love I will love better I will treat them like my heart was never broken like my pieces are all together even though you stepped on it and dropped it so many times I will not let this love make me bitter I will not treat someone how you treated me I will love again I deserve that
—  R’J


Fall/Winter 2014 campaign

Arthur Kulkov, Julia Hafstrom, Bernard Fouquet, RJ King, Marlon Teixeira, Luke Willett, Malaika Firth, Ophelie Guillermand, Lexi Boling, Emma Balfour, RJ Rogenski, Conrad Bromfield and Abiah Hostvedt by Craig McDean

I haven’t had any alcohol since the 17th I hope you are proud of me I probably will slip again but I’m happy I made it this far you are probably out right now with your new girl I bet she is everything you ever wanted I hate when you call me but fuck I love it so much I can’t be in your life anymore because when we aren’t talking all I can’t think about is you being with someone else and that kills me and the only thing that was helping me get over you was chasing the bottle of vodka and I don’t even have that anymore
—  "Text messages I never sent" R’J
her lips are so soft fuck
I can still taste them and I know she kissing someone else and it’s killing me because I’m still inlove with you fuck
—  R’J