20 facts about elliethegeekgoddess

1. Psych Student.

2. 4’11

3. I love reading books.

4. Geek for Star Wars, Marvel comics and DC comics.

5. I love Deadpool.

6. Inlove with Pewdiepie.

7. Johnny Depp fan.

8. Game of Thrones fan.

9. Favorite fictional character is Jon Snow.

10. Greek Geek.

11. Still waiting for The Walking Dead.

12. I love watching TV shows.

13. Introvert.

14. Potterhead.

15. Oh, did I mention I’m 18 years old?

16. And I’m a girl, so stop asking me.

17. Ellie is short for Elizabeth. :)

18. I love using Snapchat. IDK. I love sharing stories.

19. Instead of wearing comfy girl PJs, I wear guy boxers. I buy them.

20. These facts are the reason why I’m single.

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anonymous said:

Yup si kuya rjkolero po. :)

Ah okay. So, rjkolero said: “Crush is okay. Waht!! wahaha hala nag-kakacrush pala sa akin dito. Flattered. Wahahaha tapos hindi pala akong RJ yun nh. hays” Ayan na anon ^^

You Shy motherfuckers!

I have already selected two people out of random to strike up conversations yet got no responses.

I don’t normally act nice or friendly, especially on the interwebs.

and I went out of my way to at least have new buddies to talk to.

Hell fucking theghostsheperd, izhmash, ordn4nce, as well as that whacky aussie dovaahkiitten have spoken to me on the regular now. Even stay-zeroed and I have conversed a few times.

C’mon people y’all failin the social part in Social media!

Also my homie highcapacityassaultclips keepin’ it fresh over there.
As well as airsoftgeek, dat nigga cool too. rjtheradnosereindeer is cool because Tacos. Everyone fucking loves Tacos.
I fucking love tacos. Do you love Tacos? I fucking love tacos.

anonymous said:

Crush ko po si RJ ever since nagstart akong magTumblr. Crush lang naman. Wala naman masama dun diba?

Rj who?

rjkolero ba? Ayan na, wala naman siguro. Masama po ba mr rj? ^^