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It’s seven years later, and I have a job, and my own apartment and a combination record/cassette player that my dad gave me for my birthday and I’ve learned how to use music for things. Rizzle Kicks on repeat when I need to get stuff done at work, and anything I can sing along to and hear over the vacuum or the sizzle of the wok while I’m cooking or cleaning, and Fred Astaire when I have a headache and The Fall when I need to remind myself that I’m alive. But I use Demi and Miley and Selena all the time, because knowing you have value is really, really hard to do by yourself, and I don’t know how; I never have. But when Demi sings, “I guess I always knew that I had all the strength to make it through” I almost can. Tell me I’m great and my hackles go up. I won’t trust anything else you say. But when Miley sings, “I don’t ever want to see you sad; be happy,” I forget that I’m the wrong age for this stuff—that I was too old for it even when I was the right age—and become a tangled mass of teenage feelings.
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