Support the Swan Queen Fandom this weekend

Once Upon a Time will premiere Season 4 on Sunday, September 28th at 8/7 Central.

The Swan Queen portion of the show’s fandom is rallying for support of LGBTQ+ characters and relationships on the show and also as a response to the show’s excessive and thus far, unapologetic heterosexism and heteronormativity.

While there has been much debate on how exactly to handle their days of action leading up to and beyond the Sunday premiere, We R Here Media would like to encourage all supporters of LGBTQ+ representation regardless of your preferred show to join the Swan Queen fans in their Twitter action plan.

There are many options floating around out there. However, this is the option that We R Here is getting behind and will be engaging in.

3 Days of Silence

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning, tweet the hashtag #3DaysofSilence and add why you are joining the action.

For example, you could tweet: #3DaysofSilence for LGBTQ representation on our TV shows.

Then go silent the rest of the day. If you are part of the Swan Queen fandom, then change your icon, etc. if it’s SQ/OUAT related.

Night of Premiere

Then, from 7pm EST to 9pm EST, tweet the following hashtags:




Make sure you do separate tweets for each hashtag, add some text to the hashtag like the day of silence example above, and add text to retweets of these hashtags.

It’s my understanding that if you don’t do this, the tweets won’t count toward trending.

Let’s share this and encourage other fans LGBTQ+ characters and relationships to join in these days of action.

anonymous said:

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Hmm.. I wonder if our sweet Sasha ever tried to flirt with Angie when she was a little tipsy…..😊 like what happened at those ladies nights in the hotel … (Angie talked about once in tv guide itv)