so.. an idea just popped into my head..

what if when Jane jumped from the bridge, she hit her head and got amnesia and when she wakes up she doesn’t know who Maura is but their chemistry is still there (because let’s face it, that kind of chemistry isn’t going away any time soon) and when she meets Maura, she acknowledges that there’s something amazing between them and she asks this beautiful stranger out. Rizzles ensues.

Headcanon :

Maura gets a witness of a homicide… the Murderer knows Mauras face.

so Jane wants to protect maura and tells her to go to her house in the hamptons. Jane of course goes with her for protection.

While Jane checks everything around the house, she turns around and looks up and sees Maura…. she cant take her eyes away of her best friend. Maura catches jane watching her just turning away…

they spend a lot time together…. while jane figures out that she got more feelings for her best friend than she should.

Maura knowing what jane feels tries to get jane to admit her feelings by doing on purpose seductive things…… like touching her longer than necessary…etc

And one thing leads to the other…

"…Everything was dark. She sat with her back against a brick wall. Hands tied behind. Feet tied up together. She screamed again. Her voice boomed against the heavy metal door. She couldn’t hear anything outside.

Underground. She was underground somewhere.

She tried to breathe slowly. In. Out. In. And Out. In…

Underground… trapped…underground…walls…no air…dark…. so dark…

In..out…in…out…breathe…just breathe…don’t think…breathe…

It was no use.

“Oh godohgodohgodohgod!”

Emma gasped and pushed away from the wall. She rolled over, face first, into the ground. Coughed on the dirt and tried to get back up.

She couldn’t see a thing in the dark. Something moved next to her. A stir in the air.

“Regina?” she asked.

No answer.

“…Mary….Mary- Margaret?”

A whimper.

Emma breathed in slowly.

“Are you okay?”

No answer.

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen to us,” Emma whispered. Her cheek was itching. She rubbed on her shoulder.

Mary-Margaret inched closer. She kept moving until she was right next to Emma. Emma sensed the older woman trembling next to her.

“My sister is out there you know,” she said out loud, reassuring the woman. And herself.

“She’ll find us,” Emma told her, steadying her voice, “she’s a cop and a really good one. She’ll find us.””

Chapter 8: Collateral Damage 

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  • Me:I ship these two women together so hard.
  • Person:You just want to see them kiss.
  • Me:No. I want to see them be friends. I want to see them slowly fall in love. I want to see them get giggly and flirt and blush and get flustered. I want them to go on an awkward first date and wait for the other's call. I want them to date. I want to see them go through hard times, but love each other enough to get through it together. I want them to fight and make up. I want them to get engaged and nervously tell their parents. I want them to argue over the wedding plans, but ultimately decide together. I want to see them get married. I want to see them have kids. I want to see them grow old together. Overall, I want to see their love story, and if they happen to kiss and I see, that's just an added bonus.