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Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles | Say Something

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Rizzoli & Isles

Song: Tiffany Alvord - Glad You Came

Pairing: Rizzles

Vidder: MrsBronsonCoburn

Vidder Notes:

Just some more Rizzlesy goodness set to a “Glad You Came” cover by Tiffany Alvord

"Jackson?" Jane suggested from her perch at the end of their bed, onesie in hand in mid-fold.


"Really, Maura?" Jane looked up from the tiny clothes she was folding to her girlfriend who was feeding a hungry infant.

Maura looked up from the baby’s face to look at Jane in confusion. Jane set down the little shirt she had been folding (apparently having a small child and an infant meant doing more laundry) and placed a hand out on a jutted hip. “Dashiell?” She repeated the name in a condescending tone.

"Like after Dashiell Hammet…" When this got no verbal response from Jane, she further explained: "He was an American author who wrote hard-boiled detective novels."

Jane made an exaggerated gesture with her hands as she spoke, “Oh, that Dashiell.” She replied sardonically.

Maura rolled her eyes at Jane before looking back at the nameless baby. “Honestly, Jane as a detective I thought you would have known that. His books are quite riveting. We could call the baby Dash. For short.”

Jane smirked. “Korsak is the one who reads all the detective books, and no. The poor kid will get made fun of.”

"Fine…" Maura said with a resigned sigh as she tickled the baby’s cheek to suckle more. (x)

Nightmare Before Christmas AU. Maura Skellington-Isles is tired of the same old frights and spooks. Jane Evergreen wonders about the world outside of Christmastown. What will happen when their paths cross?