30 days of Rizzles Halloween

Alright everyone it is officially October 1st, which means it is time for our very first HALLOWEEN RIZZLES PROMPT to start off our 30 Days of Rizzles Halloween

The prompt is: URBAN MYTHSwrite (or draw, gif, etc.) a Rizzles story involving your favorite scary urban legend! 

Be sure to tag rizzlesbytheseasons, and we will reblog it. 

This is not a contest, everyone’s a winner! 

There is also NO DEADLINE, so if you don’t get it done today, don’t worry. We will still reblog it, and love to see it. 

Now get to it!

Welcome to Rizzles By The Seasons where, every week, we will be posting five seasonal prompts for you to choose from. Fic writing not your thing? We also encourage drawings, edits, and anything else you’re inspired to create. Just tag it with ‘rizzlesbytheseasons’ and we’ll reblog it to share the seasonal feels.

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I honestly didn’t expect to like this story, I’m not interested in any rape story but seeing as this has several long chapters and I’m looking for long stories mainly I decided to try a few chapters first.

The narrative and development of the plot and characters is what kept me interested despite the rape plot. Jane and Maura’s characters are so very well written and in character with what I would imagine them to be like if a situation like this were to occur that it all feels very natural and predictive in some ways. If anyone feels the same then I don’t think they’d be surprised about what happened in chapter 25; I’m not saying I expected it but I wasn’t surprised to learn about it. It’s just one of those moments when you say “of course she would do that” and that is one thing I love to have in any story.

I did not once think “Jane/Maura wouldn’t do that”, it all just felt right to me. I’m not acquainted with any rape survivors or even any real story about it, and with it being so dark I always skip those kind of plots but this story is very sensitive towards the whole subject. I can honestly say I had never shed a tear over a sad book or a story but there was one chapter in here that made me loose a few. And finally, I’ve never liked any “speech” as much as I liked Maura’s in this last chapter, the one about her choice; you’ll know when you read it.

Headcanon: Tasha needs recommendation letters for early acceptance into BCU and comes to Jane and Maura. Then asks Maura to be her mentor. Maura happily agrees and so Tasha begins  hanging out at  BPD in the morgue watching Maura do autopsies. She also begins to hang out at Maura’s house all the  time and notices how much Jane is there as well. Tasha being the observant kid she is notices how Jane and Maura  interact and starts making little comments like  ”You guys might as well get married, you know it’s legal now”, “Jane when are you officially moving in?”  As Jane walks in the door of Maura’s house Tasha says “it would be perfect if you just said” Honey I’m home!”  

I just loved that character and want her to stick around