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Oh, and before I forget… some dialogue said by the end doesn’t belong to me.. they are said by Petra’s father in the English Dub. c: 

It was long after night when Petra completed her duties at the Special Operations Squad Headquarters and commenced her rendezvous with Levi. She had taken time to brush her ginger hair neatly, trying her best not to mess it up. And she had done what she could with her clothes, wearing the dress her father had sent to her recently. Levi had said he’d be waiting outside their meeting place, but she found him standing against the wall of her house instead, looking closely at the street with great concentration. The short man looked up at her as he saw her draw nearer, tugging his Survey Corps jacket straight and fixing his green cloak.

"How long have you been waiting for me, Heichou?" Petra asked. Her heart gave another beat as he began walking to meet her.

"Not too long," Levi said, one region of his mouth turning up. "I wouldn’t want to wait more longer though."

Petra was confused for a moment, not entirely believing he came. Delight stole up in her, making her smile before she knew it was happening. “Heichou, where will you be taking me?”

He raised his eyebrow. “Call me Levi. Is not like we are on duty, and besides we are familiar with each other.” He took a deep breath before turning to look at her. “Honestly, I don’t have any place in mind, but we could walk.”

Petra smiled at his response. “I would love that, Levi.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to say she would follow him anywhere he wanted to go, but she simply nodded and gave a short response. Despite being Captain and subordinate, they also had their share of kisses. Both had agreed to take things smoothly, but already she was racing ahead.

Levi took her arm and began heading her way. Obviously, he wasn’t as sastified wandering the town at night as he disliked the way people stared at them. He walked stoically down the streets, but his gaze never stopped scanning their surroundings. Petra tightened her grip on his arm, he was warm and she found herself walking as close to him as she possibly could. She really missed having his company even if they’ve been in a relationship for two years.

"You said you wanted to tell me something important, Levi," she blurted out.

"Yes," he said.

"I can’t help but wonder. "

"You’ll know in time."

She smiled at his comment and turned to stare at him. “Where are we going?” she asked, a little cautiously.

"Definitely not to some place from this town," he said dryly. "Are you up for a journey?"

Petra glanced at him and gave him a hard look. “Levi, are you sure where you’re taking me?”

"Yes." Levi’s face was a couple centimeters apart from hers, she felt his hot breath. "I was thinking of some place where no one could interfere."

"Oh, and where is that, Levi?" she asked.

He flashed a grin. “I thought I said to wait.” He wrapped his arms around her waist, giving her a chaste kiss before he released her.

Levi had stopped in a grassy area with numerous trees surrounding the place. He turned to face her, holding out his hand. “It’s a peaceful environment lacking the obnoxious voices of the people.”

Petra gave him another smile. “I like it.”

Petra looked around, finding everything inexplicably beautiful. On the other hand, Levi was thinking if it was the right time to tell her. Before he could back down, Petra interrupted his thoughts.

"Levi, what’s the occasion?" she asked. He gave Petra a look that he could only understand.

"Petra, before I tell you. You need to know that it took me time to think this through, but now I’m sure," he said.

Her smile was irrepressible before she agreed to meet up with Levi. She was no more than twenty-five, her skin still promising with extreme youth. “About what?” she asked, this time looking at him in the eye.


Levi approached her, catching Petra’s hand. “I need to ask you a question. This one is hard.”

His face was stern, his eyes focused on hers. Her fingers twitched under his hand, but he only grasped them tighter.

"You said you wanted to settle down and form a family. I want to make that happen."

"Wait, are you-" she was cut off by him.

"Let me finish."

"All right," she said.

"I want you to be my wife."

She took a deep breath, and then blurted it out. “Yes, I want to be your wife.”

His gaze softened. “I know this doesn’t make sense without a ring. I’ll get it for you eventually.”

Petra leaned more closer, with a smile never leaving her. “You don’t have to go through that. I’m fine with the effort you made, and becoming your wife is what counts.

He smirked at her response. In truth, they hadn’t spent any time together before the 57th Expedition because of preparations. She leaned closer and brushed her lips against his. “I love you, Levi.”


A month has passed, every soldier engaged their attention to the 57th Expedition. The mission failed, and many soldiers died by the hands of the Titans, and the Female Titan. The Survey Corps faced the anger of the townspeople, who always complained about their taxes. One man was waiting for someone so he could have a brief conversation about a certain matter. When he recognized the person, he approached him nervously.

"Excuse me, Captain Levi. Good evening, I’m Petra’s father, sir. Might I bend your ear before she sees us."

He takes out a letter from his pocket and holds it. “I received this letter from her somewhat recently. Apparently, you hand-picked her yourself. She’s very excited, I can assure you. In fact, it sounds like she’s utterly devoted to you in every way. So devoted that well, to be honest, her mother and I are bit concerned you see. Now, I know that fathers can have trouble letting go, but still I can’t help but feel she’s far too young to be thinking about marriage. She has so much yet to experience before settling down.”

Those were the last words Levi heard from him. He planned to give her the ring that day, but now all he could do is stare at her room with same feelings before he met her. Cold, distant, and with no emotions whatsoever.

Dear Diary,

I feel so embarrassed, I don’t even know where to start, I suppose I should just come out and say it. Levi Heichou walked in on me while I was changing and he just stared… for a good minute then he muttered something which I assumed to be an apology and then he shut the door. I tried to cover myself but I’m sure he still saw everything; I’ve never been that exposed to a man before.

Don’t worry I wasn’t naked, I had just taken off my pants and after I pulled my shirt off and over my head I saw him staring. I know I should have locked the door, but he always knocks. Or maybe he did knock and I didn’t hear it and he got worried so that’s why he came in. I’m sure he didn’t purposefully stare or if he did I wonder what he thought? I wonder if…

No. I shouldn’t be thinking about Levi Heichou that way, he’s my superior, humanity’s strongest… my Heichou. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have feelings for him but I’m just not sure he feels the same or even if he did I wouldn’t want him getting in trouble because of me. Either way, I’m going to have to face him. Usually around this time I bring him his evening tea, I should just be professional and stick to the schedule. I’m sure everything will return back to normal, hopefully.


I wrote a thing...

It’s probably really crappy compared to other rivetra fics on this site, but I got hit by this plot bunny after seeing a fanart of Levi and Petra as HS students and it didn’t want to stop any time soon. I also don’t really like the last sentence, but I couldn’t come up with a better finishing sentence.

(/end negativity)

Second Button High School Graduation AU

A/N: Something I’ve seen a couple of times in Japanese live-action dramas is the “second button” tradition: at graduation, a girl may ask the boy she likes for the second button on his uniform. If the boy likes her too, the boy will give the button to said girl.


Petra knew it was a little weird for her to be there. It was graduation and she was a first year (soon to be second year). But she was on a mission, and she figured if things didn’t go according to plan, she’d have two years to expunge it from everyone’s memory.

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To the anon who was kind of trolling non-Rivetra shippers

Please don’t do that. People really don’t need other people telling them they shouldn’t ship whatever they want to ship (unless it’s for moral reasons, but then it should still be done well). And “canon” doesn’t even get the final say in that.

That aside, I as a Rivetra/Levetra shipper have just spent the past 12 hours having an AWESOME discussion with some Levihan/Rivahan and Petruo/Auretra shippers because of it, so thank you.


This fandom is awesome and I’m just really happy right now.

Why are people so angry over the dubbed scene with Petra’s father? He pretty much said exactly what he did in the sub but I see people saying that it implied Levi proposed to her. No he didn’t, it was just her father worried about his daughter not thinking about her future. When he mentioned marriage he was just talking about how it was too soon but something he wanted her to consider in the future, as in not something she was considering now. I think the dub did a number of things wrong but this wasn’t one of them. I don’t understand how people don’t get this. :/

Rivetra Marriage Monday

Petra doesn’t need one, but she takes their honeymoon as another example of how marriage with Levi will be wonderful. He proposed the location and planned the itinerary, slowly traveling across Japan for Hanami. Every day he wakes her with kisses, takes care of arrangements, and is attentive to her wishes in the foreign environment. Against the people who point out he’s rude, irritable, and unapproachable, it’s further proof that he’s romantic and sweet and will take care of her.


Jet lag sucks, but when Levi wakes to the sight of Petra sleeping next to him in their bed in their own home, he knows it’s what he wants to wake to every morning for the rest of his life. And although they’re not the lazy mornings of their honeymoon, he loves that every morning now is one of sharing a jog, a shower, and tea with Petra. She’s perfect, and marriage is the best thing that’s ever happened to him.


anonymous said:

Where did you get the information that Levi only accepts gifts from Petra? Do you have a link to where Isayama stated this?

Links all over the internet. It’s all in Japanese, of course. I’m also looking (I know it has nothing to do with the question), of that info that Isayama purposely wanted to make Levi ugly. You can only count with the translators at this point, pretty much like manga when the chapters are uploaded. But yes, the info is there. And I’m not making it up just in case. I wish I could give you a one source of it but then it’s like a source…within the source o_O Don’t know if that makes sense. 

How Fans see SnK couples...

Ereri/Riren: HITTING and hot passionate makeout sessions. 

Eremika: A seme-like Mikasa carrying a jealous Eren…BRIDAL STYLE.



Jeaneren: A LOT of hitting and love/hate ‘yaoi time’.

Jearmin: A ton of NOSEBLEEDS from Jean when he sees Armin doing uke and shota faces.

Jeankasa: 'Making Eren jealous' stuff.

Springles: Pranking people together and yelling “YOLO BRO!!” all the time.


Levihan: Annoying a heichou, 24/7.