Council looking at Kingston/Surbiton re-zoning

If proposed plans to change the zoning for Kingston and Surbiton stations go ahead, both stations would move to Zone 5, potentially saving students and commuters a pile of cash.

Have you head anything about the re-zoning?

Will you or anyone you know be affected by the change?

Let us know in the comments area under this post or get in touch in all the usual places:

Today on Your Fave is Problematic:

Youtuber makes a ha-ha video but in reality it’s a hidden message; the youtuber hates us. Hates us all.

shyannekatia asked:

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Thankyou Hunnie! There are so many places properly more than I can name! There’s places like Zara, new look, h&m, river island, sorelluk (online). Just browse round online hun. I’m sure you’ll find lots of lovely clothes and styles that inspire you💗

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