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Brand New - Failure By Design

And every time I leave you go and lock the door.

So I walk myself picking at a chip on my shoulder.
I’m another day late and one year older.
It’s failure by design.

I have been waiting to see Brand New preform live for years now and the opportunity has finally arrived with the first annual River’s Edge music festival.


Ula Brown was at the River’s Edge Music Festival and had one simple question: What the F**K are YOU Wearing?

Have I ever mentioned that Motion City Soundtrack is an amazing band? Because they truly are and I love them so dearly. The set list was amazing, the weather was amazing, the stage presence was amazing, the front row center stage spots that Nathan and I waited 4 hours to get were fucking amazing. Point of this story is that River’s Edge Day 1 was just one of the greatest days ever. That show is probably the best one I have ever seen in my whole life and it was all just so perfectly incredible. 


Tool - Ænema

live at the River’s Edge Music Festival