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AU with this kind of relationship. 

That’s it. 

Can you imagine jealous Fenris/Zevran party banter in DA2?


Zevran: So I take it you are finished with Hawke?

Fenris: It would seem that I am, since you wasted no time swooping in.

Zev: Yes, yes, guilty as charged. I saw a beautiful woman in distress and I offered the best thing I could give her. *chuckles* mi amore

Fenris: Don’t pretend your reason for being with her isn’t selfish.

Zev: Of course it is selfish. Hawke is a fantastic lover and gives me no small amount of pleasure. How you could walk away from her after just one taste is beyond me. 

Fenris: It is beyond you, which is why I won’t bother giving you the explanation you don’t deserve, even if you could begin to understand. 

Zev: *mutters* I have awaken the beast… 


Part II! 

Fenris: You and Hawke are still… carrying on?

Zev: That we are, my friend. That we are. 

Fenris: I am not your friend. And Hawke isn’t like you. When she’s with someone, her heart is in it. Break her heart and I will kill you. 

Zev: That kind of attitude is exactly why I haven’t offered a chance to join us. 

Fenris: In bed? Why would I even accept such an offer? 

Zev: Oh-ho! I can think of many reasons-

Fenris: Especially from you

Zev: Ah, you are that type. Say no more, I’m not asking. Mainly because I remembered that fisting thing you do. I must say I prefer the usual way that is done. 

Fenris: If you don’t stop talking about this, you’re going to experience my way of doing it.

Zev: But you started this conversation!

Fenris: And now I’m ending it. 

Zev: The same way you ended it with Hawke?

Fenris: Shut. up.