"I remember tears streaming down your face when I said "I’ll never let you go".

When all those shadows almost killed your light. 

I remember you said “don’t leave me here alone”

But all that’s dead and gone and passed tonight

Just close your eyes, the sun is going down.

You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now.

Come morning light. 

You and I’ll be safe and sound… 

[…] “

Safe & Sound ~ Taylor Swift

I know taylor swift is mweh, but that song is so

and that begnning is so

and I really don’t know why I drew this

hold my cries

Rith the Awakener playmat.

Had a fun art get-together today with Liz Nugent and we playmat-ed the hell out with our Copics. I hope we get to do this again soon… never enough preparation for GP Charlotte! D:

If anyone’s interested in buying, just send an ask. I might want to keep this in-hand for the GP, but I won’t resist if someone offers a good price for it. :D

jbsqll said:

Hey Doug. So the Planar Chaos Dragons were alternate versions of the Elder Dragons. So why did they not have type Elder Dragon? Could we see the cycle truly complete in coming months? ;)

The Planar Chaos dragons were meant to be alternate-history versions of the Invasion cycle of dragons, not the elder dragons from Legends (think Rith, the Awakener et al.). Those guys didn’t have the Elder subtype, so neither did their alternate versions.

kajiandsafiya said:

"Valley-tine!" Kaji hovered unhappily over the paladin. "You were sleeping and now you have water in your eyes. Are you sad? Can Kaji help?"

Rith got up and sat, still sobbing,wrapped in the mass of her blankets. She tried to catch her breath, but she couldn’t calm down and nearly choked through her tears. She coughed violently, but hearing Kaji’s voice helped her regain composure. “Oh It’s you little one…I was..I was still in the past, fighting to find the Word of Power…but…but I couldn’t find a way back. I was trapped there and couldn’t return in the present…”she whispered. “I…I couldn’t save anyone!” Tears were falling on her cheeks as she seemed to look beyond him.

lovesicknanosounds said:


9: Vampire AU (darnit, the number generator knows what I like :P)

Xephos washed his hands in the sink, watching the blood swirl down the drain in tiny red rivulets. He’d never get used to this, not really; He wasn’t a violent man usually, not until he was forced to be. 

After drying his hands, he looked at himself in the mirror for a while, running a hand through his hair to regain some semblance of order. He’d have to come up with a better solution for this.

When the door clicked open behind him, he turned around fast as lightning and stared at the tiny girl standing there.


Roleplay tag game

Roleplay Tag Game : I was tagged by Blue-Skinned-Druid =)

1.  Name of your muse:

Rith Kaliana 

2. One picture you like best of your muse’s fc:

This one should do for the moment:


3. Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

  1. During her search for the remedy of the plague, Rith really learnt the hard way. She was pretty naive and optimistic and was shocked by all the horrors she have seen. She had panic attacks and was really depressed at first. But her friends helped her go through that. 
  2. Rith was in love during the campaign, but I’m not telling with whom! XD 

4. Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time:

  1. Reading (yeah I could add praying but it’s a part of herself, not really a hobby)
  2. Taking hot baths to relax
  3. Chatting with her friends, especially when eating a good dinner! 

5. Four people that your muse loves.

  1. Her parents
  2. Aribeth
  3. Linu 
  4. Tomy 

6. Three fond childhood memories: 

  1. The afternoons spend at her father’s forge
  2. Her mother singing for her at night to help her sleep 
  3. And the bright day she found her vocation

7. Two things your muse regrets. 

  1. Not being able to see what happend to Aribeth 
  2. Having forsaken the city and her friends after her fight with Lord Nasher

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