Goodbyes take a great deal of courage, but what takes even more is the Hello that comes next, to cast your aversions aside despite all you’ve suffered and take a chance on somebody new, to risk it all again because you know human connection is precious and rare, and always worth the risk.
—  Beau Taplin // C o u r a g e

Risk : Mass Effect

Battle for the fate of the galaxy. Led by Commander Shepard, a rag-tag army of the best and brightest soldiers in the galaxy is marshaled against the Reapers to ensure the light of civilization never goes dark now in Mass Effect Risk. Choose one of three factions, each with its own victory conditions, to battle for the fate of the universe.

  • Long distance planetary connections are connected by Mass Relays
  • Custom galaxy map that brings the Mass Effect world to life
  • Great for gift giving or family game night
  • Mass Effect Collector’s item
  • For ages 10+

List Price: $44.99           Price: $34.66       You Save: $15.33 (31%)

The Walking Dead Risk: Survival Edition

Risk: Walking Dead “Survival Edition” represents a fun, new twist on classic Risk game play.

  • Combines the timeless board game with today’s hottest horror hit
  • Game requires competition for vital survival resources and defense against the undead
  • New deck of “Supply Cards” add strategy, fun and flavor to this classic tabletop game
  • For 3-5 players age 13+

List Price: $49.99           Price: $33.49       You Save: $16.50 (33%)

Neurons Constantly Rewrite Their DNA 

Johns Hopkins scientists have discovered that neurons are risk takers: They use minor “DNA surgeries” to toggle their activity levels all day, every day. Since these activity levels are important in learning, memory and brain disorders, the researchers think their finding will shed light on a range of important questions.

Maryn McKenna breaks down a scary new study that found that hog farmers in Iowa are six times more likely to carry some strain of drug-resistant staph. McKenna illuminates how difficult it is to get sufficient data about the relationship between antibiotic use in agriculture and superbug infections in humans. The study does, however, show an association between being in recent contact with swine and testing positive for resistant bacteria—and that, McKenna writes, “is a useful thing to know.”