Drawing I made after discussing with some friends about what the big four’s patronus animal would be… :) Jack has a fox, because of their sneaky personality, Rapunzel a bunny because she’s jumpy and energic, Merida a bear because.. uhm, I’m not even sure, it was just obvious to make her have a bear? Hiccup has a dragon, again the reason is “just because!” Though I have an idea that he doesn’t know about his dragon-tamer skills before he meets Toothless, but his patronus gives him a clue, which is a unwritten fanfic I got in my head. ;)

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Ever since I did that picture of Merida in the #steampunk outfit I have been getting a lot of request to #thebigfour in a steampunk version. So here’s a sneak peek of that project. And those who do not know what “The Big Four” is, it is a #crossover between #Disney and #dreamworks #Rapunzel #merida #hiccup and #jackfrost. #httyd #tangled #brave #rotg #riseofthebravetangleddragons #mericcup

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It’s a little late on Instagram and tumblr and stuff but here’s my picture for Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!
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     Is this TRULY what you all want my manips to look like?!

     If you don’t, THEN STOP STEALING, PLAGIARIZING, EDITING, AND POSTING THEM ON OTHER WEBSITES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION (Facebook, Instagram, Weheartit, etc.). I have seen my work STOLEN, EDITED, and someone by the name of Frozen2Sceneson Instagramhas went out of the way to remove my signature at the bottom of my Titanic AU Jelsa Poster (shown above) and put his/her OWN signature, claiming it was his/her own. 

     I am ANGERED and DISGUSTED by this. It takes me 2-5 hours to make these manips. This one shown above, took me 4 hours to make. I enjoy doing them, but if it comes to this I will STOP posting them.

     I love it when you guys like and reblog my work, it let’s me know that you love it. But if you wish to post it somewhere else outside of Tumblr, PLEASE JUST ASK!!! I seriously beg you guys, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE JUST ASK ME!!! I will most likely say YES, as long as you DO NOT EDIT IT, AND GIVE MY SOURCE TO MY TUMBLR PAGE. 

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Frozen2Scenes from Instagram:

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                              I am the TRUE editor of the Titanic Jelsa AU         

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Ivanna from Weheartit:  Dear Ivanna,

                                      I DO NOT appreciate YOU taking MY 

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                                      starting to take MY manip, from YOUR

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                                       I thank you for leaving my signature on

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                     If I don’t protect my work, then who will?

                          Please give credit where credit is due…

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Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons movie TRAILER.


I troll guys. This is fan made. I FOUND IT ON YOUTUBE AND IT WAS AWESOMEEEEE.


happy REALLY belated mother’s day, I was going to finish this on Monday but then I didn’t…. so yeah. it was hard to do since Jack and Hiccup don’t really have mothers xD Hiccup is holding the little dragon toy his mom gave him in the tv show, and Jack I could have made it depressing but I decided to make it funny xD technically manny is kind of his mother. and of course Merida and Elinor, and Rapunzel and her mommy. I will probably make another set of Big Four drawings for Father’s Day.

again, I am a huge fan of the big four fandom, I am however not a fan of the ships…. like seriously, boys and girls can be friends without any romance guys, pipe the fuck down, besides Hiccup and Rapunzel have cannon ships… so yeah.