a gentleman’s guide to london les amis (2014-2015):
michael colbourne as enjolras, jonny purchase as combeferre, lee dillon-stuart as prouvaire, ashley stillburn as feuilly, james gant as courfeyrac, michael riseley as bahorel, jeremy batt as joly, bradley jaden as lesgles, christian edwards as grantaire

Guys. Read the chapter again.

Sting is his normal weight in Minerva’s flashback of the festival, which took place literally days before the events of the chapter. It’s a standard shonen gag for characters to get fat after eating a ton of food. Sting was gonna slim down again anyway, might as well do it with an already established technique.

Also, that kind of gets me thinking… Riseley’s version of Gravity Change forces the slimdown, so does she just use it again to regain her chubby form?


You Consumer Segment you!

Corporations are using our online presence to create consumer profiles on us.  This enables better target marketing to influence our purchase choices.  The physiology of their actions needs to be discussed.  It is not reasonable that young girls are bombarded with advertisements of the perfect female body that is unrealistic, digitally manipulated. As Dr Jean Kilbourne has researched encourages girls to be silent, passive and voiceless.  It is alarming that her research indicates little progress has been made. I would strongly urge every woman to youtube Dr Kilbourne’s talks.

What we can do is break through the callous segmentation of consumers into little more than numbers, barcodes full of personal information by media educating ourselves and talking about it!  We all regardless of the container display beauty in the joyous colours we bring to those around us.

Wake up!

See through the illusions of advertising!

You are truly smarter than a barcode!