I’m back! This time with a new drawing of Big four about The Hunger Games!

I love The Hunger Games and I can’t wait for this new movie! Of course, I’ve read the book but It’s diferent read it than see it!

The clothes’ desing was maded by me, I thought it could help them to hide in the arena.

The art style was inspired because of this: http://geekymojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/hunger-games.jpg

In fact, this is my new cover for my fanfic. It’s writed in spanish but if someone want to read it:



PD: Sorry for my english

Trigger warning: Self-harm

"Please tell me what I am doing wrong because I have tried everything and no one ever sees me." 

Headcanon: Jack self-harms, but his long-sleeved hoodie covers the scars.

I just thought it would be interesting if Jack showed some signs of having lived 300 years without having been seen, and not either having the other Guardians nor his own group of followers, he’s been all alone for most of his life, not even knowing who he was. And like he said, he tried everything, but noone ever saw him. But he’s immortal, and supposed to be laughing and funny all the time, yet, at times, he can also be dark, weighted down by his loneliness.

This is for everyone who self-harms or have ever done so. You’re not alone. <3

“Those who laugh the hardest are often the most unhappy.”
― Bill Loguidice

Home sweet home

Ok so I got to thinking, I know crazy, anyways all of the Guardians in RotG have their own special home that they made.
I mean look at Bunny’s Warren


then Tooth’s


don’t forget North’s


and I even found out that Sandy has his own freak’n island! An Island that formed out of a fallen star!


and then there’s Jack and his little pond………


I mean yeah he just became a full guardian at the end of the movie but he’s been a spirit for hundreds of years, don’t you think he’d make his own place besides the pond which was where he died as a human. Not that he remembered but thats besides the point!

Jack deserves his own place! A giant building make of ice! A palace of ice and snow on a high place so he can easily jump into to the wind and fly. A place that when he wants he can be all alone and not worry about Bunny getting him after causing another blizzard during easter. A place that he could call home.




oh yeah I know the perfect place



Modern living Jack makes me think…

Boy would practice Parkour in the Summer and ice skate in the Winter. I have this thing about him having brown eyes. My logic is that the only reason his eyes were blue was due to Lunar raising him from the lake. So it makes sense to me that his eyes would be as they were in Rise when he was living. But modern day, we’ve got bleach and toner so he goes to the effort of bleaching his hair white.

His friends would probably call him Jack Frost from the fact he wears so much blue and no doubt a lot of his ice skating gear would have snowflakes and such on them, because it’s pretty common place on Winter sport apparel. He only gets called Jackson when he’s in trouble and given that he’s a perpetually moving teenager, that’s probably a lot. Parkour would see him going places that he really shouldn’t…

Friends and family most definitely would be the most important thing in his life. He’d probably be super protective of his little sister, but at the same time go out of his way to be an embarrassing older brother. He’d eat his mother out of house and home…active individuals are like that. Pranks would be his calling and he might not want to admit it to his mother but he’d probably skip school from time to time. Sitting still for hours on end just doesn’t bode well with him…

TL;DR: human modern day Jack just makes me super happy… 


W̳í̙̬̜n̶t̡͕̜̗̫e͈͢r̠̳̻̠͍ ̱̣͕͓̩̺ͅi̜̠̮̤̭͎ͅs̬ ̤̤͠C͠o҉̠̮̱͈̞̲m̜̳̀i̵̼̠̞̘͈̹n̯͓̜̺ͅͅg̱̖̙̦

This resulted from ruminating on how scary Winter can be, which resulted in a ton of blue tones and referencing Sean Bean’s face while also trying to make him vaguely zombie-esque. 

complete with normal and dark glowy eyes versions!

Jack Frost, Elsa, and Ned Stark are the creations of their respective owners.

Cloud Uncovered (Jack/Sandy) (9/22)

Original Prompt:

First off, let me explain my headcanon really quick. 

Spirits are not immortal. They can become harder to kill, but they are not immortal. Their believer count determines how hard it it to kill them. A spirit with no followers is basically a powerful human, and they need to sleep and eat to survive, while a spirit with a very large believer count would not need to eat or sleep, and they can withstand basically anything thrown at them

Now for the prompt

Jack, as a spirit no one believed in, always needed to eat in order to survive. he would sneak stuff, steal pies cooling on windowsills, and stuff like that. HOWEVER, now that he has more believers, he doesn’t need to eat as much as he used to. He doesn’t know this, however, and continues eating like he always has. this causes him to pack on a few pounds. One of the guardians (or Jamie) finds this adorable.

Bonus points if
- Jack becomes self conscious whenever anyone brings it up
- At some point, the guardians have to explain to him exactly why he’s gaining this weight

In which having obvious physical evidence of an increase in power ends up being really good for Jack. (AKA Sandy knows that he won’t break his mind or body now.)

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