Milt Kahl’s words of wisdom for aspiring animators. (x)

Oh, and regarding this mysterious Don Graham fellow…

According to Andreas Deja, “Don Graham was head of Disney’s internal training program from 1932 - 1940. Chuck Jones called him the greatest American art teacher. The closest you will ever come to his teachings is through his excellent 1970 book Composing Pictures. It is in reprint and available at Amazon.”

Click here for the Amazon listing for Composing Pictures.

HEY GUYS I know this is a long shot, but if anyone lives in/around Providence, Rhode Island, USA, PLEASE keep an eye out for this kitty.  His name is Cass and he’s super friendly and probably very afraid since he never goes outside.  I love this cat you guys.  The phone number on the poster is to Shelby, who is his owner and my friend/roommate.  If found, please call her!  


the robouquet animatic/my final for design class! clocks in at a bit over 3 minutes, over 189 drawings, and so many hours of work. i don’t even know how long. the songs are pangaea and blown away by kevin macleod

voice acting graciously provided by: mylesperhour as marigold, thatfuckingconductor as the robotic attendant, orfs as the jerk employee, and amphiaria as bee

thank you so much you guys, i wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!!!! i hope everybody enjoys this as much as i enjoyed making it! and here’s hoping it goes over well in crit tomorrow


RISD folks, I highly recommend attending this workshop on Wednesday, April 9th (looks like that one might only be for Illustration majors) and this lecture on Thursday, April 10th by my friend Mark Siegel, head of the innovative and illustrious graphic novel publisher, First Second Books––home to the likes of Faith Erin Hicks, Gene Luen Yang, Paul Pope, and many other incredibly talented artists. Mark is one of the good ones out there. It is worth your while to hear what comes out of his brain and put it in your brain.