The Shop

Simply named, The Shop is one of my favorite spots to talk and work in Providence this past semester. Because the windows face south, when the weather is sunny, the entire shop is illuminated and it feels like a cozy cabin. This is the only place nearby for miles that offers nitro cold brew on tap and Stumptown Coffee which is fantastic since it’s only a mile from where I live. Check out their mention on Sprudge here.

This is also one of the first places the Brown-RISD Coffee Society reached out to once the club got approved by the Undergraduate Students Council which is exciting! I can’t wait to see where this little coffee club goes and I’m just stoked in general to meet other people who love coffee.

HEY GUYS I know this is a long shot, but if anyone lives in/around Providence, Rhode Island, USA, PLEASE keep an eye out for this kitty.  His name is Cass and he’s super friendly and probably very afraid since he never goes outside.  I love this cat you guys.  The phone number on the poster is to Shelby, who is his owner and my friend/roommate.  If found, please call her!  

the robouquet animatic/my final for design class! clocks in at a bit over 3 minutes, over 189 drawings, and so many hours of work. i don’t even know how long. the songs are pangaea and blown away by kevin macleod

voice acting graciously provided by: mylesperhour as marigold, thatfuckingconductor as the robotic attendant, orfs as the jerk employee, and amphiaria as bee

thank you so much you guys, i wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!!!! i hope everybody enjoys this as much as i enjoyed making it! and here’s hoping it goes over well in crit tomorrow


For my final project in my advanced digital painting class I chose to illustrate a few demons from the Ars Goetia, something I have always been itching to do!

It was a fun experience that mostly was based in conceptualization and reference gathering. The challenge of not involving the typical bat-wings and ram horns while still designing something alien and strange (keeping true to the text) was a nice leap out of the comfort zone. 


Bill Cipher Cosplay

He’s done! Unfortunately he got a little beat up at artist ball but nothing that I can’t fix. I’ll hopefully get some more quality pictures at the Rhode Island Comic Con. People were really enthusiastic, and took a lot of photos! Hoping to get a similar response then. :)

(Please ignore the sneakers in the first couple of photos. I was just wearing them for the walk to the party.) :)