"What's the story with you and the queen?" said Ripred softly.

"Nothing," said Gregor. "I thought you were asleep."

"You’ve become very fond of her," said Ripred.

"I don’t know. I guess," said Gregor.

"You want a piece of advice?" said Ripred.

"Don’t bother. I know what you’ll say. The whole thing’s stupid," said Gregor.

"Quite the contrary. I was going to say that life is short. There are only a few good things in it, really. Don’t pretend that one isn’t happening," said Ripred.

Why People Should Read the Underland Chronicles
  • The main character, Gregor, has almost no canon physical description, so you’re free to imagine him however you wish
  • Sick of those female characters get called princess despite needing to be in a position of authority due to dead/missing parents? Great, she’s actually a queen this time.
  • No one side throughout the series is portrayed as unequivocally good, especially towards the end.
  • Character Development!!!!
  • Contains small, but neat little references to Greek Mythology
  • The Nibblers (Mice) are all math geeks!
  • Actually contains social commentary on war and race issues
  • Ripred and Twitchtip are sass masters
  • War is not glorified
  • Characters (including protagonists) keep any scars they’ve collected
  •  Pretty does not equal good, nor does human equal good
  • The series was written by Suzanne Collins - you know, the same person who did the Hunger Games? Yeah. And as far as I can tell, the Hunger Games seems pretty well received on here.

There are some other things I’d like to say, but it unfortunately spoils plot-related things. Forewarning, this is a book not only targeted towards 5th-7th graders, but it also features creatures we normally deem creepy (rats/mice/bats/spiders/cockroaches majorly) at human size (if not bigger in rare cases), so if that image terrifies you, then don’t read it. But to everyone else, I highly recommend it and I feel the series needs more love than it currently has.

RIPR is bad

Recently on Facebook I got into a discussion on why the government having unregulated access to any data on the internet is a thing I don’t like. In an attempt to stop posting content into the locked-box of Facebook, it’s here too.

So, the issue - for me, other people may be more militant - is that right now I - as a citizen - have no protection against the police. To arrest me, they need probable cause. To search my house, they need a warrant. To get my personal data from my bank, from my ISP, from my water company they need a legal document *about me* that explains why they want it and a judge has to approve it. The measures the government are currently using, the ones that they want to keep, and the ones they have been using on the *flimsiest* of legal technicalities, allow the security services to access and record my data (which includes financial transactions, personal relationships, business proposals, and data which I am under *legal obligation* to protect to the best of my ability to be not allow access by third parties) without notification, without record, without probable cause, and without protection from abuse. That’s me as a citizen.

Second issue is that I personally own a server, which provides internet services to people I know and trust. It’s SSH access, it’s email forwarding, it’s web hosting. Am I an ISP? Am I under obligation to keep the data that goes though my server? I’m not doing it as a business, I’m a private individual. If I do, then I simply can’t do it. First, morally, but also I don’t have the disk space to keep all this data for three years, and I’m not willing to be responsible for the security of it. That’s why I only forward emails in the first place. It will force me to cease to offer *to my friends* access to a property *that I own* because the government think they have a right to look inside it. It’s not quite being legally obliged to allow an employee to live in my house and record conversations I have when my friends are around, but it’s not far off.

And last, I am a white male, 18 to 35. I do not have any traditional reason to believe the government is predisposed to assume I’m guilty, and *I* have all these problems with the concept of my data being kept without any legal process; I can’t imagine the feelings of people who have good, and historically backed, reasons to believe the government does not have their freedom of expression at heart.

because we all know who the real main character should be

Ripred and That Time That Fucking Overlander Showed Up For His Dad

Ripred and That Time That Fucking Overlander Gave Him a Baby Rat To Take Care Of

Ripred and That Time He Had to Fuckin Trick the Overlander Into Saving Everybody

Ripred and That Time He Told the Overlander He Fuckin Told Him So About Literally Everything

Ripred and That Time He Was Actually Nice to an Overlander For Once

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Underland Chronicles feelings will hit you IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

Ripred sighed. “I suppose so. You and I seem to end up doing everything. Shall we say four members for each delegation?”

"Why not?" Luxa said. "Four can be as stupid as ten. No need to crowd the room."

Ripred laughed. “You know, I think you an I are going to get on famously.”

Do you think Luxa and Ripred bonding started a revolution and everyone started bonding with the other species?

Like an Underland kid who is really into science bonds with a nibbler who is more gifted than most is math and together they do crazy experiments and come up with cures and medicines for everything.

A young woman who doesn’t have a lot of friends bonds with a crawler and starts to go out more, slowly becoming more confident because of the unwavering support of her best friend. The young woman showing her bonded around and defending him viciously whenever anyone makes a rude remark about crawlers being stupid or useless.

A spinner befriending a farmer and making comfortable clothes for him to relax in after a hard days work. Building a hammock for the both of them to sit in so that his bonded can get off his aching feet and fall into a deep, peaceful sleep. The farmer teaching the spinner new weaving techniques when ever he has the time and dying thread so the spinner has beautiful colors to create art with.

Wouldn’t that be nice?