School fire drills are dumb, who’s really gonna walk out in a straight line. BRUH! I’m sliding down rails, Trippin niggas, Rippin weaves out


listen here internet anonymous do you know why Obama collects peoples internet data its because hes Very Anti Cyberbullying and youre lucky this was late at night or he would have seen it and blasted noiselessly through his window bum first and flown to wherever the hell it is you were when you thought this was an acceptable thing to say and drop a warm presidential deuce down your shitty internet tough guy Cyberbully windpipe asking “why are you Cyberbullying dan? wwhy did you change to Jades color first if you were jsut ginna cyberbully dan? ??” but he doesnt even care because he knows youre gaerbage ad hes already flipping thru his blackberry to read his lsit of the next rude troll hes gotta crap in u feel me