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After listening to the earlier version that I found in tumblr here, I thought I’ll do some searching on the full version, for those of you who wants to listen to Jellal singing (by Daisuke Namikawa), here’s a full version to the song.

I am seriously in fangirl mode right now o/////o as Daisuke Namikawa (aka Jellal’s seiyuu) is my absolute no.1 favourite! <3 I am so glad I get a chance to listen to him singing on my end >/////<

This post is also in dedication to my favourite character Jellal Fernandez and the other characters that I love that is by Daisuke Namikawa is: Giotto Primo (Reborn), Osaki Kaname (Hakkenden), Yuuichi (Hiiro no Kakera), Kizuna Astin (Kaminai), Kazehaya (Kimi ni todoke) as well.

I also found out this isn’t his character song of Fairy Tail :( but never mind, since this sang by Daisuke Namikawa I can easily imagine it to be by Jellal too XDD <3

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happy birthday to a man whom i was so lucky to have known in my life…you passed through so quickly but made such a big impact on my life. I want you to know that you were every way. You never failed to put a smile on my face. You were my partner in crime …for sure :) my wishes for you are that I hope you’re smiling everyday..I hope all you’re pain has gone away.. I hope you’re looking down on you’re family and all you’re babies and seeing how big their all getting. I hope that you’ve found you’re peace Anthony. I think of you often and I miss you always..please keep having my back up in heaven! god knows you know I need you :) i miss you my angel in the sky… Rip sweet dreams (p.s. I’m sorry I didn’t stop by stuck in class…I’ll be there to see u tomm :)…missyou)



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Today is the day we celebrate the day u left today last year was the hardest thing I had to hear in a while seems like this month of September is the most gloomiest month of all in history! Seems like if this is the month you are remembered you WERE historic and made an impact in many Pplz lives… We love you @jimmyace you were history you helped make history and you will always be remembered for your great generous funny witty spirit #teamgemini forever ♊️ 🙌👏🙏👌my heart will reside with your sis, mom, dad and family ! Rest in paradise big bro ❤️ #guyana #southsidejamaica #queens #ny realest guy you ever met! #nwo 🎤😎💙🙏🙏🙏🙏 #ripace

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  1. How’d you describe yourself in one sentence? I am an introvert and I am passionate about the things I love. I can also be a sensitive person like when things don’t feel right, I can sense it and when I do, depending on what caused it, I will feel different kind of emotions…I do get affected by these emotions on my end, which sometimes can take me a while to recover (especially if it’s affected by someone I cared for). Sorry, I know the question said 1 sentence but I ended up writing a bit longer than expected XD
  2. Your top 5 animes/mangas: Actually the ranking varies depending what I am currently into, but my #1 stays the same: 1st) Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden (manga) then follow on is: 2nd) Dengeki Daisy (manga) 3rd) Kamisama Hajimemashite (anime/manga) 4th) Sailor Moon Crystal (Anime/Manga) 5th) Fairy Tail
  3. Which series got you into anime/manga? Sailor Moon Classic. This is actually my favourite Childhood anime *feeling nostalgic now* :D
  4. If you were granted the chance to live in one of the anime/manga worlds, which one would you choose? The Pokemon World!!! > w <
  5. Which genre (anime/manga) do you prefer? Vampire Romance tends to appeal to me (as long as the vampire is a guy and not a girl that is :P), mystery, Shoujo or Shounen « I am fine as long as it has a bond between two people, I can even like Platonic pairings just as much as a romantic one if done right.
  6. What’s your dream job? Pokemon trainer-master
  7. Language(s) you speak: Chinese: Cantonese, adapting to Mandarin at the moment, English.
  8. Your life motto: “Time is the best way to test true love!”
  9. Tag people that you follow or tag people that follow you (that’s the question) This will be long haha, I’ll just name 5 (from my followers that I tend to reblogg from) - ripace, ajerzaaddict, feistycc, nightbloomingrose, truejerzaftf
  10. Do you also sometimes feel like your OTP ruined your life?

Hmm, interesting question here. I do have one in particular although I don’t regard as my OTP anymore.

Yuki x Kaname (Vampire Knight) was ‘once upon a time’ my OTP and a pairing that I ship damn hard, Kaname is my favourite character and I want him to be happy. But in the end, the story was a complete disappointment, what the author Matsuri Hino had decided and written had completely destroyed all the beauty within my OTP because she wasn’t able to resolve the ONE thing I hate i.e. never-ending Love triangle between Yume vs Zeki -.- I blame Yuki on my end as well for having a split heart of selfishly loving both guys at the same time (though to me, she loves Kaname more but still…). What was decided by the author Matsuri Hino had completely destroyed all my (even the teeniest tiniest) respect I have for her as the author. I can never even get back to reading VK despite I love Kaname this much.

^ Aside for this, I am fine with my other OTP as long as they love each other as the only one and the author shows it clear without misconceptions. That’s the main thing I look in when shipping and ofcourse the pairing have to appeal to me to become my OTP. I don’t mind waiting anxiously for a moment between them, as long as the author make their love true and beautiful, then the long run in terms of a happy conclusion will make it up for me, and I will feel happy for them.

11.And because I’m also a evil person: Person A of your OTP says they love you and proposes marriage to you. You see person B of your OTP at a distance standing up crying and leaving the room. What do you do?

LOL, this question is totally unexpected! My feeling at first will be at a state of disbelief and my first reaction will be like, “I hope this isn’t real and please let this be either a dream or he is under some kind of magical spell and that he will wake up from it soon…because I definitely don’t want this to happen at all cost!! (My OTP feels!!! ;A;)”

Besides if this isn’t a dream/or if he isn’t under some kind of spell that caused him to have a change of heart, then I will be very disappointed not happy. Not that I don’t like Person A of my OTP, but I love my OTP way too much to even think about accepting the proposal. I’m not one of those fans who want to break my OTP apart because I am envious of Person B (in my OTP). If I do end up loving my OTP that much, I would want them to be together and happy. My OTP happiness is in equal to my happiness. I don’t want my Person A (in my OTP) to propose to me, I just want my OTP to be happy with each other and love only each other for the rest of their remaining life! In fact, if ‘Person A’ propose because of a change of heart, it will lead me to think about why I even fall in love with my OTP to begin with…

I will in no doubt refuse the proposal and tell him my feelings truthfully. Sorry, but that’s my honest opinions, I still don’t wish to have to come to that though ;A;


Hope you find these questions likeable, as I just did it on top of my head…:D

  1. Your top 10 favourite Male & Female characters (from Anime/Manga). Preferably 5 on each side, but if you don’t have up to 5 on one side, then as long as it adds up to 10 is fine too XD.
  2. Your top 5 OTP (from Anime/Manga)
  3. Is there a pairing you ship but never end up the way you want it to be by the story conclusion? If so, name the pairing and which series it’s from.
  4. What is the last movie you’ve watched in the cinema?
  5. What are some of your favourite console games?
  6. Favourite genre in a story?
  7. What is the last novel you’ve read?
  8. Your favourite Seiyuu (i.e. voice actor)?
  9. What is your favourite American tv series?
  10. What is the very first anime you’ve watched and love?
  11. What will you do if Person A of your OTP was killed off (as in 1 side died) by the author? 

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I got ENFP

Goku- Dragon Ball

Adam West- Family Guy (hmm…)

Nagisa Hazuki- Free!

Phoebe Buffay- Friends

Blaine Anderson- Glee

Izzie Stevens- Grey’s Anatomy

Shoyo Hinata- Haikyuu

Marshall Erikson- How I Met Your Mother

Jiraya, Obito Uchiha, and Hashirama Senju- Naruto

Chloe Beale- Pitch Perfect

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i miss you my my angel in the sky<3
—  "If you should ever be lonely, think of the times…think of the moments we shared…."

tanning in my backyard for a lil staring out at the lake and these are the moments I know you’re with me and I know you’re still here…this song plays on my pandora the minute I think of you…I know that’s you my Anthony and I know you’re shining down on me from heaven.. I miss you so much my angel in the my ac xoxo love you for always…

every time this song plays, i made a promise to post it for’re someone that i will never understand why you had to leave so soon..the heart you had was hugeee and you deserved so much more time here with us..with deserved so much that you never got a chance to have…there are moments i think of you and miss you so much and moments that will stay in my heart for always..promise.. i thank God that i had a chance to know an amazing man like you.. miss you my angel in the sky…always