Is this the end of a game series that we learned to love? It still ain’t confirmed by Scott himself, but we should already know this kind of game can’t continue forever, especially when it’s only one guy that makes it. Either we get to know a 4th installment is coming soon or it’s actually over, time will still move on and soon we’ll find something else to enjoy and go all crazy about it, until then we can still enjoy what we have right now, no one knows what will happen in the future, the future is just a prediction when we think about it and it can only happen if we make it happen…

okAY OKAY i saw someone play fnaf 3 w/ the all the secret mini games and the true ending. and for REAL THAT ENDING WAS THE BESt okay it made me cry im a lil baby gay n i cried about fnaf fIGHT ME

HERES A LINK to the vid i watched if ur interested. jfc im a mess rn god dammit scott cawthon. u have owned my ass once again