Last night, I decided to head towards the Parliament to witness the LKY tribute for myself, and ask some of the officers how they were managing the entire thing. An officer refused to have her face show up, but she said something rather telling

"Eh you see ah, they keep saying in western news Singaporean people unhappy, got no empathy, got no emotion. Then all these hundreds of people come to see one man for one week straight! Some 80-year old man wait 8 hours in the heat! Then what you say to him, we got no emotion? Of course we got! Perhaps we bleed on inside, but we still bleed."

I find it hilarious how people try to argue how NH is “developed”…. Actually, they are a developed pairing, what am I saying? She’s so involved in Naruto’s life, they have such a strong bond with each other! So much that throughout the manga it’s constantly shown that Hinata is actively involved with:

  • His dream to become hokage
  • His status and struggles as a jinchuriki
  • His bond with Sasuke
  • His bond with Team 7
  • His bonds in general
  • His personal life (getting to know him, understanding him etc.)

She is a member of team 7 after-all! She was always there right beside him, developing alongside him since the beginning!

Oh wait…..that was Sakura. lol whoops, my bad.

you know ur desperate for black dragon lore when you get probably too excited for a hearthstone expansion with a single black dragon boss

KW 13
Beim Absturz des Germanwings-Fluges #4U9525 von Barcelona nach Düsseldorf starben am Dienstag 150 Insassen, darunter 75 Deutsche.
Ermittler gehen bisher davon aus, dass der Copilot den Airbus A320 zum Absturz brachte.

An Germanwings flight flying from Barcelona, Spain, to Düsseldorf, Germany, crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday morning and killed all 150 people aboard. Authorities believe 28-year-old co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane.

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