riots are breaking out in glasgow right now, scottish flags are being burned, people are making nazi salutes, there is racism and sectarianism and god knows what else, there are supposed stabbings, people are being beaten up purely for voting Yes, but the bbc has decided that a news story more worthy of being reported is the first iphone 6 owner dropping his new phone. the anti-scottish bias from the bbc is reaching new levels of absurdity

I am so appalled at Scotland right now, disgusted to be Scottish, riots in Glasgow, the worst part is, the NO VOTERS are rioting??? They got their vote, they won yet they continue to riot, burn their OWN COUNTRIES FLAG!!! Why on earth is that ever acceptable!!! So disgusting. Give it a rest and stop being so pathetic, beating each other up and actually destroying their country, ruining statues and vandalising buildings, if they are so happy to have their no vote could they not stay home and celebrate instead of abusing each other, abusing their city and wasting time and money!!! I am appalled and disgusted to be Scottish right now. So glad nobody I know is involved in it, I don't want to speak to anyone who has sunk to that level of disgrace!! 'Better together' my fucking arse! Get their way and they riot, obviously just attempting to cause trouble!! Disgraceful
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Athens: Riot follows a large scale police attack on a 10.000 antifa demo for Pavlos Fyssas

18 September 2014. No words can really describe what happened during the protest for the murder of antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P), exactly one year ago on September 18, 2013 by 40-50 neonazis in Keratsini, Athens, Greece.

No words can describe it, simply because different people experienced different levels of police brutality in a lot of different places across the big antifa protest of at least 10.000 people.
And this happened because almost 40 minutes after the beginning of the antifascist march, suddenly scores of riot policemen attempted to encircle the massive anarchist bloc, but were met with strong resistance, so the police proceeded to attack the bloc with the aid of asphyxiating gas and flash bang grenades.

Antifascists were forced to respond with molotov and petrol bombs (as depicted in the video) to delay the police attack and to gain some distance between them, so that people may protect themselves better.

Following the riot police attack, the demo was then forced to split in 3 different segments, that followed completely different routes, chased by hundreds of riot policemen and after many consecutive brutal attacks in the narrow streets of Kerachini people continued to split up in many smaller parts, which made them an easy target, especially for the gangs of police bikers. Thus, more than 100 protesters were arrested.

After all this was an antifascist protest and at least half of the greek police force, according to voting statistics, has voted for the neonazi party “Golden Dawn” that its members were responsible and have been charged for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. So in reality, yesterday the antifascist protest was not just attacked by police, but in essence was attacked by neonazis in police uniforms.

Following the arrests, approximately 300 people gathered for many hours in solidarity outside the police headquarters, demanding the release of the protesters in police custody. It is yet unknown how many people were released or have been charged.

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Despite being a Yes voter myself, I can still agree that the Yes voters over the duration of the referendum campain have been far more vocal and slightly rowdy/rebelious than any of the silent No voters. Stickers, graffiti and similar things used to promote voting Yes.

I called it from day one that there would be riots and if I’m completely honest I’d have expected it to be the Yes voters doing the rioting, but apparently it’s the No voters.

They are attacking Yes voters in the streets, firing flare guns at the police and even forming small rioting mobs/groups - all of which targeting us Yes voters. All this even thought they won the vote? I don’t quite understand that logic. Is this the voting side you think deserves to win the referendum?

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Glasgow, Scotland

British Nationalists from the reports


I thought I’d share this in hopes that tumblr is the social justice savvy place it’s known to be.

Tonight riots have taken place within Glasgow following the result of 55% of Scottish voters voting no to independence. Instead of no voters being able to celebrate the outcome, their victory has been destroyed by unionists (a minority of no voters) who have since burned the Scottish satire, used nazi salutes as they stood next to a military memorial, several people have been stabbed, racial abuse and bigotry evident and buildings have been set on fire.

The police are making little arrests whilst the media remains quiet; stating there has been “little disturbance”, does this look little to you?

If you’re in/near Glasgow then please, please, please stay indoors away from the rioting, no one outside is safe. There’s accounts of children being threatened, apparently a young female yes voter was stabbed. I’m not sure if stuff is still going on but it looked like it wasn’t breaking down even just an hour ago. The rioting could spread really easily to other areas so wherever you are, please try to keep yourself away from riots and stay as safe as you possibly can.

If you have any more information on it that I can add, please let me know so that I can do so.


Just a quick update on what’s been going on.

I’ve been coming across as quite angry at this vote and I am. I’m angry at the rioters, I’m angry at their actions and I’m angry with the state our country has been left in.

But I’m also scared. I’m scared about my education. I’m scared about my healthcare. I’m scared that the older generation got to decide what MY future would be.

But most of all, I am terrified that they made the wrong decision and that we will have to live with their mistakes.

For anyone who’s not living in Glasgow and doesn’t understand this mindless violence and rioting.

Glasgow has a history of pretty strong sectarianism with the Catholics (Celtic supporters) and the Protestants (Rangers). The latter traditionally being unionists or “loyalists”. There was a bit of tension over no voters who were wanting to vote no simply because of this and their “loyalty” to the queen/union as opposed to political interests.

Glasgow still has sectarian marches and the orange walk (Protestant March) seems particularly active throughout Glasgow. So when the results came in that it was a no vote, a minority of extremist unionist and Orangemen decided to use that as an excuse to have a pretty violent party. I’d say the rioters are about 90% rangers fan football hooligans.

*note* it goes without saying that not all Protestants or Rangers supporters are Orangemen and/or football hooligans. Only a minority. Though in some parts of Glasgow, it’s a pretty big issue.


Tonight I witnessed a truly awful reaction to Scotland’s referendum result. I work just off George Square where pro-union loyalists began to incite acts of violence.

We didn’t see much of the horror that has been reported, just hundreds of police, people marching whilst singing racist songs. The reports that I have heard are shocking, a stabbing, multiple arrests, the attempted burning of The Herald Newspaper building.

You’d be forgiven if you confused Scotland yesterday and Scotland today as two different countries.

I had to shut my work early so I could get my staff out safely. I’m still really tense and angry at what has happened tonight.

I don’t normally do these sort of posts but really—
I honestly don’t understand why people can’t just get along. There will always be a yes to a no. And a no to a yes. Grow up. Stop making riots. Learn to behave yourself and set an example.

For those that are yet to know,
Scotland is currently going through a number of riots,
Especially in the Glasgow area’s. Mainly Central Glasgow.

People of other ethnicity’s other than White are being racially abused,
Attacked, even stabbed— Same goes for ‘Yes’ Voters. 

Please stay safe. If you are in a dangerous area, do not go out unless it is so super needed, even then, try your best not too. Anyone who is out of danger, but may know someone, make sure they are okay. It’s a very scary thing for people to go through. Take that from my own experience.

Stay safe,
And please just notice the problem.
It seems that after the poll results everyone has forgotten about Scotland again. Don’t. It’s dangerous.

George Square on the IndyRef

I don’t know if news of the riots in George Square has reached Tumblr yet. But it’s complete chaos. We lost our independence to a 55% no vote and no voters have been rioting by burning saltire flags, attacking yes voters unprovoked, grabbing flags off of young girls and pushing them to the ground.

I’m ashamed to be Scottish right now. There have also been 6 reported stabbings, 2 supposed deaths and multiple cases of arson.

Scotland has never been more devided and I now fear for my future and my country.