"Women are expected to be nice and sweet , to make other people feel comfortable . A woman who says ‘hey, I think there is a problem here ’ is being ‘negative’. A woman who doesn’t smile while she’s being harassed is ‘humorless’. A woman who prefers to stay focused on tasks is a ‘cold bitch ’ . Significant gendering is involved here ; women have an obligation to look and act a certain way and when they don’t , they need to be hassled until they do . " #feminism #feminist #womenrights #girlpower #riotgirl #riotgrrrl

I was tought as a kid not to play with mud just because im a girl.
I was told not to have short hair because its not “lady like”.
I was told not to run whilst wearing my pink dress or twirl because its not something a girl should do.
I was resembeled to my brother for studying hard but not rewarded as much because im expected to do good.
I was told to dress in a certain way so I dont make the boys horny but they are not told to respect me.
When I get a job I will get paid less than my male coworker even though I might have a higher position simply because I have a vagina.
I must shave my body hair because girls shouldnt have them, if I shouldn’t have it then why do I?
I must be carefull of how I walk or where I walk so I dont hear disgusting comments from the opposite gender but they shoulnt be careful? No matter what I do theres a high possibility of me getting raped while they get away with it.
I am not allowed to be president because I cant manage a position as such.
I am an arab women and I demand my simple human rights.
—  Noor Barghouti

desesperada, louca, descontrolada, a voz da supremacia cultural masculina grita em um sonante gaslighting. louca, barraqueira, promíscua. não importa se é anglo ou latino-americana, seu corpo é limitado e não faz sentido sem aprovação masculina. a organização patriarcal veste a roupa da onipotência, na esfera pública ou privada, a mulher é a bruxa da Idade Média de todos dias. vestindo o manto para o ritual da abnegação, ela é negra, ela é pobre, ela é gorda e mulher. o patriarcado sofre da síndrome do monoteísmo, estimulados pela convulsão social, sabás são usados como desculpa para queimar e tacar pedra em bruxas demonizadas. putas, negras, gordas, lésbicas e mulheres. o tribunal da inquisição tenta calar a qualquer custo as loucas que vivem contrariamente à moral.

I #love her so much. I love that I can paint my #daughter without the result looking like some #sappy #sentimental shit. That is absolute #riotgirl #badassery depicted on that canvas! Better photos later. Look for it on my Etsy shop (my love expressed) later. I have no shows scheduled anywhere at all.
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