final for my Getting Published class. crashed before submitting so teacher never got the lettered version, but i wanted to get that done for me at least. i may eventually tone or even color it, as that was the intent, but not anytime soon.

also sneak preview/spoilers for my upcoming webcomic! i hope you enjoy :3



teh leaf to go with my little nommy animation… XD still gotta finish him, but heres the leaf. he eats it, thats why it just stops in the middle of the page. :P

i drew me at my desk with cat. i was gonna do a simple little comic about how my house is soon to be overrun with kittens, but i got like 1/3 through sketching this and was like NOPE I’LL JUST MAKE IT A DRAWING OF DESK AREA. and so i did. also getting back into brush inking. sloppy but fun. definitely getting used to not caring if my lines are perfect, which i think is good.


post alll the lineart. 

or, at least, the stuff im usign as samples to update my commisison page???

why is everythign furries you ask? because furries are the ones with the money which they sue to pay me to draw. that’s why. fix this and have me draw other things? XD



shit yeah. 

after beign inspired by the awesome and adorable tala, i starting playing a nuzlocke run in my ruby game, and recorded my progress in a notebook to later draw as a comic. which you see here :> 
i have more pages planned, my goal is to at least get through the first gym battle in the comic [i already have scripted up past the 2nd, but baby steps XD]

i hope you enjoy it as much i do :3 i’m gonna be tryin to put my own twist ton the game events and the characters to give the story a bit more volume. btw, these games feel alot longer when you try writing out the events as a script of stuff tht happened in real-time xD

enouh blather, enjoy



commission info?!

people have asked, so i shall respond.

alll prices are USD. for current exchange rate please see currency conversion Also, your specific piece may cost more or less depending complexity, so keep that in mind. we can talk about it.

i will ship anywhere but you must cover it if its more than a couple bucks.

i draw furries AND human
, and anything else really—even mecha if you really want lol. just ask me if i can do it, i have very few boundaries/limits beyond my actual level of skill.

Please check my STORENVY for premade stickers, buttons, keychains, horns, and custom hoof shoes and resin accessories, and discounted/overstock items!

NOTE: i will soon offer purchase options through storenvy for items such as buttons and keychains


Pre-made art: 1 each or 4 for $3 
New digital: 2
New traditional: 3
discounts on large numbers! Will create button batches for conventions, bands, and other merchandising needs! note me for a quote!


Bust Painted 25
Full Painted | XX | 35


sketch | X | X | X | 10 [+5 per extra char]
inked | X | X | X | 20 [+5]

digital sketch | X | X | 7 [+2r] 
colored digital sketch | X | X 15 [+3]

lineart | X | X | 15 [+3]
flat/cel colors | X | X | X | 20 [+5]
digital painted | X | X* | 40 [+10]

simple background[less rendering] | XX | +5
complex background[more rendering] | X | X | +15

*the pokemon painted samples are smaller and simpler, and therefor would not cost as much, but are there to show coloring style


simple ref | X | X | X | 20
detailed turnaround | X | X | X | X | 30

- extra cost for more views, details, text, etc; only available on detailed turnarounds


traditional | X | 15
digital 10

- prives will vary based on content of pattern
all patterns are repeating and will average around 500x500 pixels, will make larger upon request
traditional patterns have elements drawn traditionally and finished digitally
will come with 2 solid color background variants; textured backgrounds [behind elements] are extra
additional cost may apply for patterns that will be used for merchandise, such as fabrics


digital strip: 40 per page*
digital: 60
traditional: 70 per page

single color / tone: 20 per page
flat color: 40 per page 
fully colored: 60 per page

- 2 page minimum [exceptions on a case-by-case basis]
- to have the physical pages sent to you, 40 per page plus $15 shipping total.. this is not just shipping but also the cost of you getting to own the physical work, the materials, and the fact that it can no longer act as a portfolio piece.
- to have your comic compiled into a physical mini-comic, including cover art, and mailed to you, 30. this covers the cover art, shipping cost, and 3 copies, additional copies are 5 each. only available with 5+ pages.
i require 30 up front for any size comic commission to cover thumbnails and pre-production. 
- you must be willing to be flexible and communicate at length to work with me as far as how your story will be told/shown, how many pages [for longer stories], dialogue, etc. 

*since normal pages are 5-7 panels, digital strips are priced by panel count, so like 18 panels [the sample] counts as 3 pages


X | X x | X
base price $150

- inquire for more precise cost
- i require a reference sheet of the character to work. if you do not have one, i will charge an extra $20 to create one to your liking.
- shipped with insurance in case of breakage in the mail.


short abstract film for my principles of screen design class… the assignment was to suggest space larger than what you see, as though the camera is merely a “window” you are looking through. It also had to loop, so i’ve set it end to end four times :> all thats left is sound, which will be courtesy of dj-stridenasty :3


Had a little chunk of a world treating in my head waiting to be filled with characters and story. Finally came up with something fun while doing paperwork in mom’s office. Long-term comic concept? Maybe :)


FINAL for the nommy head-hit, aka leaf-eat animation :3


these are TRANSITIONS done for class.

the types of transitions, in no order…

  • action to action: different action in each panel
  • moment to moment: very brief small change
  • scene to scene: large separation in time and location
  • aspect to aspect: two images from the same “big picture” but very different
  • subject to subject: cause and effect
  • non-sequitor: no connection

can you tell which is which?!

Hehe sounds good :) I just don’t have any colors with me. Any clothing preferences? Stripper shorts and cuffs? How furry should he be? cause I can do just ears and tail or full anthro