Games the zodiacs should never play

Aries: League of Legends

Taurus: League of Legends

Gemini: League of Legends

Cancer: League of Legends

Leo: League of Legends

Virgo: League of Legends

Libra: League of Legends

Scorpio: League of Legends

Sagittarius: League of Legends

Capricorn: League of Legends

Aquarius: League of Legends

Pisces: League of Legends


This has been collecting dust for a few months by now, but I wanted to finish a few more champs before posting anything… But I need to keep this blog alive somehow. So here’s something.

I liked the blue scarf I used for her in previous images, but felt I wanted to try her white/gold classic theme instead. She’s also missing her staffy-stick thingy. And I wanna make some image sequences for updated skill animations. When there’s time. Mrfm. :T

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I wanna see how many summoners out there actually enjoy the game without being butt hurt about losing and stay friendly to their fellow players