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I live in Baltimore city and literally they were tear gassing children

The police state will use any justification to enhance force against it’s citizens. That’s part of what makes this all so terrifying. CHILDREN PROTESTING ARE NOT RIOTERS and treating them as such is indicative of the indiscriminate and unjust use of force that put us on this pathway to begin with. What’s happening now straddles the line of riots, I won’t argue that, but much of it has been agitated and escalated by the actions of police and SWAT teams. Praying for everyone in Baltimore right now because this is getting scarier by the minute. 


April 16 2015 - On 16 April 2015, following 3 days of encirclement by scores of riot policemen of a university building, that had been occupied by anarchists for 18 days in the centre of Athens, Greece, in solidarity to a hunger strike of political prisoners, enraged protesters that gathered before a solidarity protest against destructive gold mining in Calkidiki in northern Greece and begun to throw bags of food and health essentials above the heads of policemen to the entrapped occupiers and then begun attacks that escalated into riot. [video]

City in outrage. Nation in outrage. There’s protesting & then there’s rioting & destroying the city you love & so called are “protesting” for. Get it together. Praying for my city right now smh #PrayForBaltimore #PrayForAmerica #protest #riot #outrage #OneNation #OneLove #Liberty #freedom #justice #RestoreFaithInHumanity #FreddieGray (at Baltimore, Maryland)

"Some Officers have Broken Bones"

So tell me how it feels to be broken ?
Tell me what it’s like to be hurt and you’re just trying to go about your day ?
Id like to know, I’m all ears.
How does it feel to have your back broken too.. Your spine numbed..
Unable to breath..
Being accused of something..
Tell Us.
We’re All Ears.