Christmas lights in

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Mexico City (Mexico)

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Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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Honolulu (Hawaii)

Phoenix (Arizona)

Photos! We finally got photos!

These are photos of the color test prototype we had at MFF.

The final Rio figure will have more of a smooth matte finish like you see on anime figures. It’s just the test paint making him shiny right now.

But yeah, super excited to be sharing this! Thanks again to everyone that has helped Rio become a reality! We’re so close to the final product now!

Many people have asked if Rio will be available outside of the Kickstarter and he will be. Probably in the next couple of months or so.

We’ll be adding this photo set to the Kickstarter page and remember, if you have any questions and are one of the backers, make sure to write in to the Kickstarter. I can’t do much for you here, but Studio Cute can help you out on the actual Kickstarter page!

Take care everyone and happy holidays!