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River Phoenix was my teen idol. There was something about seeing him on screen that really drew me in. He was so beautiful. He was mesmerizing. He was REAL. I really love seeing that young people look up to him even though some were not born til after he passed away, it’s a true testament to the legacy he left this earth. I will never forget the moment I found out he was no longer with us. My heart sank and I immediately started crying. We lost a TRUELY remarkable soul that day. Today I want to celebrate his life. We miss you River!

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“River was this beautiful golden boy with floppy golden hair, the James Dean look-alike, the risk-taker, the indie musician, the environmentalist, the vegan, the Oscar-nominated talent, the badass with the cool name and the big heart. Above all, he had potential. He seemed to combine so much of the past, along with elements of a future we were just getting around to thinking about.”

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Letter to a Young Actor (River Phoenix) by Milton Nascimento

If someday we meet each other
and I confess
I saw a movie many times
to unmask your eyes

And if we talk
tell the things that lived
what we expect of tomorrow
Can it happen?
Therefore, parallel the character,
I really wanted to know about you

I’d like you were happy
a calm water to flood
your bank of concern
an open chest to arrive

With your name, different
A scenery persuade us
A scenery of innocence
But that know and conduct

Conduct now this moment
The thought and my eyes
shining of emotion and grateful
someone who only knew you
in a movie that he saw many times
that wrote this poem