Oh wow, this brought back memories

Fun fact kids Before Harvest and Evolutia, i had one town: Rinuk.

Rinuk corrupted on me after a wifi accident. However i was unable to delete its save file, so i sent Rinuk off to Nintendo and never got it back.

A month or two ago, I discovered Rinuk had a Dream Code of itsself put up by whoever has my game now… Lets just say its pretty nerve-wrenching when you see the town that never dies.

Harvest VS Rinuk

Just comparing my current town to my old town, because remembering makes me warm inside.



Has Filbert, Marshal and Blaire

All the bells, PWPS and and items i’ll ever need

All the squirrels i could ever want.


Cannot go without playing for long incase a sqiggle moves.


Feels like a chore to play.


Cannot ever achieve Julian in a squirrel town.



Villagers moved in and out randomly, was refreshing to see new faces often.

Didn’t know about villager popularity at the time, and i had Diana, Marshal, Pekoe, Genji and Beau all move in randomly + didnt care.

100% natural town, no paths, i decorated my dirt paths with fruit mother fuckas. No plot resetting, zilch.


No Filbert.

Beau DID move right infront of the town hall

It corrupted.

I never got any PWP requests

So I finished the picture! As you can see I added more squirrelish features to him, since he looked off without them.

Also I reapplied his girly dress, in my mind Filbert is the ultimate girly-boy, a wanna-be tough boy protecting the ones he cares about, but a submissive simpering girly underneath! ;D It bugs me Nintendo removed his dress. But JUILIAN is okay? *facepalms* Nintendo is odd.

Also that is my Mayor there, before she gets.. Obcessed. I shall say no more. Enoy some rare art from me!