Enough Talk, Let's Get This Content Party Started!


There is always more to be done on a site, especially one that represents a company who’s sole purpose is content. While the new site serves it’s purpose on information, it is doing a poor job of communicating a visual presence beyond it’s own brand. 

This is to be expected, as during the writing of this, we are witnessing the first official night of the new Represent Interactive™ model. The site is sparse, so the obvious way to address this is to get some imagery. To keep a theme with the site and promote a visual ‘subtext’, we have to choose an appropriate message. 

The easiest and obvious choice will be to leverage our location and ‘landmark’ ourselves as being a Denver interactive agency. I could always use any one of the millions of Denver images online, but firing up the camera feels like it would be more fun. Time to go get some good shots of Denver.

We’ll post a gallery tonight. 

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