In which police officer Bolin directs Pabu II, one of his trained police fireferrets, in tracking down some bad guys.

Police fireferrets function much in the same way as police dogs, aiding officers in detecting illicit substances, locating missing persons or fugitives, and other tasks. They also have a tiny metal police uniform which allows them to roll up into a ball and be metalbended at targets, like small fluffy cannonballs.

more Maria in traditional dress please

(honestly the day I can do even an ounce of justice to our beautiful trajes will be the day I can die happy.. this was pretty quick and messy)

((ps in looking up references for this I came to the hilarious headcanon that Manolo, usually super comfortable performing, gets terribly anxious whenever La Culebra is performed… simply because he is always always picked to do the song’s conclusion. Even if he’s tried to edge as far away as he can, inevitably, when the time comes, they grab him at the last second and throw him right in there. Leaves him so flustered every time he can barely form coherent words for an hour afterward.)



I’ve mentioned this a couple of times before, here and here, but to summarize: I recently moved to a new place, and as of last Friday I’ve also lost my job.

While I look for stable employment I’ll be taking some simple commissions to help with bills and rent and such.


These won’t be anything too complex, just simple character shots like the above! Human or anthro characters. The pricing is as listed:

Full-body, full color/shading: $20
Full-body, flat color: $16
Full-body, sketch: $14

Headshot, full color/shading: $10
Headshot, flat color: $8
Headshot, sketch: $5

I’ll take four slots at a time!

- open!
- open!
- open!
- open!

Please contact me at rinnyhoot@gmail.com if interested.

And please signal boost if you are able to ;o; It is appreciated.

Yo tenía mi cascabel con una cinta morada,
con una cinta morada yo tenia mi cascabel
Y como era de oropel…
Y como era de oropel, se lo di a mi prenda amada
Pa’ que jugara con el, alla por la madrugada~

I hope you like it bb~! cappybara