In order to offer entertainment to the patients at the asylum, the planners of Norwich State Hospital built this elaborate theatre, with a stage for performances and, later, movies.  There was an organ to accompany silent films, and a full projection booth - from which this photograph was taken.  On the floor below was a rollerskating rink.  Sadly, a few years back, this building was demolished - along with the power plant and two of the most historic buildings on the campus - for little apparent reason.  Currently, nothing has been done with the space that millions of dollars were spent clearing these buildings off of.

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anonymous said:

What are your thoughts on Every Time I Die?? Do you think they should be categorized under hardcore like a lot of people do??

they’ve gone in a heavy rock kinda direction for the past 10 years or so (oddly enough, I didn’t start liking them til they took this turn, their early chaotic tech-metalcore stuff wasn’t my thing at all. Hot Damn! is my jump-on point, and I like everything they’ve done since) but their roots are very much in the hardcore scene. I’d be curious to hear what THEY would categorize themselves these days. And really, how cool is that video they did in the roller rink?

important shipping questions 2 keep in mind

  • which one is abysmal at roller skating and has to hold onto the other
  • which one gets hiccups every time they drink something fizzy
  • which one always joins the group dances at the skating rink
  • which one listens to new songs on loop until the other can’t stand it
  • which one tags the other in embarrassing photos without asking first
  • which one had a short-lived interest in learning the ukulele
  • which one keeps posting memes on facebook