rin baby


I need help. #tomodachilife

im sorry but i cried so many many times whenever it’s rin’s screen time ;~; and the fact that he’s a bucho now ;~~~; my baby has grown up so fast ;~~~; and when iwatobi babies show rin the sakura pool istg ;~~~~~~~; all my feels……….and and and the ending pv ;~~~~~~~; police!rin augdhsdhshsjhsdahjsadkj rin no get out ;~~; and and the fact that rin smiles a lot….i think yeah, theres no more angsty rin ;~; aughghdsj rin….my baby sweetheart rin….and aughfhksadkj SOUSUKE I JUST AUFGHHSKJSKJSADKJDAJLKDJAKSAJKAJKSADJK EPISODE 2 HURRY UP!!!!! GODDAMN IT’S TIME FOR MY SOUL TO BE CONSUMED COMPLETELY BY FREE! ETERNAL SUMMER