Huge shoutout to Rimmel London !! I finally came across their Provocalips lip paints and oh boy, oh boy, they are absolutely wonderful! I really like the texture of the lip paint and the best part of is that you can apply another layer on another! It stays on really well and the colours are just beautiful and vibrant! I’m wearing their darkest red 550 Play With Fire over here!

Review + Demo:  Rimmel BB Cream Matte

What it is:  A BB cream for oily skin

What it does:  Acts as a 9-in-1 super makeup that covers, smoothes, and perfects

What it costs:  $7

Where to get it:   Drugstores like Walgreens, Ulta stores, or online

Rimmel London is an international beauty brand that is always on top of the trends.  With the matte look being all the rage right now, Rimmel is extremely popular for their line of mattefying products called Stay Matte, which I like and use on a regular basis.  This product is not a part of that line, but still claims to mattefy oily skin, as well as doing a number of other exciting things, such as pore filling and preventing breakouts.   BB Creams are an all-in-one mixture of foundation, skincare, primer, and SPF (this has SPF 15).   Mixing BB Cream and matte finishes should be a recipe for success, right?

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