Solo shot of the #ManiSwap I did with @mai.painted.nails. I had to switch my colors around a little since I only had a pink 3D flower and not a peach one, but I really love how both versions look! I used Rimmel Posh Pink for the darker pink half of the gradients on my index nail and pinky, with Zoya Dot as the lighter pink. My two peachy orange colors are Sally Hansen Floaties (lighter one) and Sally Hansen Coral Reef. I kept my glitter placement dots the same as Mai: glitters from OPI I Snow You Love Me. #Zoya #Rimmel #SallyHansen #nailslikelace #opi @opi_products @zoyanailpolish @sally_hansen


but really, it was never possible to go back in time, for there to be another outcome. the happenings had been sealed, not by fate, but by another force. for if you were to retreat in an attempt to change whatever event you may choose, you yourself would be younger, unknowing, a slightly simpler version of yourself. you’d do the same thing, whatever thing you would come to regret. and there’s a peace in that, knowing you can’t change the past. it doesn’t work like that. so you can stop trying and just.. live. live in the moment. don’t dwell on the past, for the past in unchangeable. don’t try to change the past. make what you can of it in the present.


Still in love with my Influenster VoxBox.  Been using everything in it, but my faves have been the 2 pictured above.  The Rimmell mascara and lipstick.  I’m a sucker for makeup.  Also in the box were Dove with real fruit (blueberries), which were delicious, an EcoTools makeup brush, which feels amazing, Not Your Mother’s Deja Vu ‘Do Style Extender (update later on how it was on my hair, but it smells soooooo good!), and Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, which I haven’t tried yet, but will be before this weekend.

If you’re interested in getting one of these boxes, check Influenster out by following my referral link:   www.influenster.com/r/573466.  I’d really appreciate it!