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Sneaking around || Riley and Charlotte

If there was one word that would describe Charlotte at the moment, it was bored.  Which was why she found herself walking into the hotel of their family rival, The Carlton Suites. The girl was honestly quite unsure of what she was doing there, but if it possibly meant that it could get her into trouble, then she was in for the ride. Charlotte had finished going around the lobby, and realized that even at the other supposedly entertaining hotel in the city, things were hardly interesting.

Charlotte wondered what exactly a girl had to do get some fun in the city without sleeping around. That was when she noticed the sign leading into the hotel casino. "Why not? Might as well burn some money.“ Charlotte smiled to herself, knowing exactly what she was going to do next. She walked into the casino entrance, and flashed her fake ID, as the guards raised their eyebrows at her last name. Van Helmont.

Rolling her eyes, she made her way down to the Blackjack tables. and looked for a free table. Just as she reached her destination, the heel of her sandals accidentally caught on the carpet, and made her trip. Right in front of the eyes of a Blackjack dealer who was probably laughing at her right now. Groaning, she tried to stand, and settled down on the floor, as pain shot up through her ankle and leg. "Are you kidding me?” Charlotte muttered, biting her lower up, trying not to cry out in pain. 

Riley Stewart, accepted!

Admins’ Comments

Not gonna lie… I was a little sad when you withdrew your application for Giorgio Flores :( However, this audition was really good so I wasn’t upset for long! You were able to show Riley’s unique, boyish charm without seeming cocky and I loved the dialogue between him and the girl. 

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OOC Name/Age:

KP/20 billion

Time Zone/Activity Level (1-10):

GMT-5 (Eastern U.S)/Level 8. Most active from 5pm to 9pm on weekdays, 3pm to whenever on Saturdays, and all day on Sundays, but least active overall on Fridays.

Roleplay Experience:

5+ years roleplaying experience via email and gaiaonline. 2nd year nanowrimo-er. Avid fanfiction writer. :)

Character Desired:

Riley Stewart

Why you picked this character:

Riley is a pretty deep character, so I want to explore his personality and see what fun I can have with it. ;)

Your opinion on set ships/endgame ships:

While freedom of shipping is preferred, I’ll take what is given. I’m very good at making deep, convoluted and heavily foreshadowed plots, so if I can work the endgame ship into the plot (which is pretty much a guarantee, as the characters wouldn’t be paired otherwise, presumably), it will be epic. The biggest problem is if I don’t have writing chemistry with the other half of my character’s ship, but seeing how many people are interested in this and how many auditions you’re getting it shouldn’t be a problem. :)

Your opinion on story lines given by the admins:

I like Riley’s storyline. It seems like he can go a lot of places, and there’s a lot of potential for him to stay straight-laced or to go completely off the deep end.

Writing Sample:

“The Great Gatsby,” said a voice beside him. Riley looked up from the book in question, a fork laden with rice, mushrooms, and rainbow chard halfway to his mouth.

“May I help you?” he asked, looking at the woman who had sat down beside him on the bench outside the Carlton. He’d sat there in order to eat his lunch and read a little in peace before his shift, but apparently the stranger had other ideas.

“It’s a good book.” Riley was amused by the irreverence with which she had dealt with his question—namely, ignoring it completely.

“Oh, you’ve read it?”

“I have.”

Riley smiled wryly. “What’s the name of the main character?”

The corners of her mouth quirked up and she didn’t try to veil the fact that she was peeking into the book to see the answer.

“You’ve read it, then.”

“You got me. I just said that to win your undying affection.”

He looked at her expectantly, but without any sign of displeasure. “What’s this about?”

“I made a bet that I could have a five-minute conversation with you about something other than blackjack,” she said matter-of-factly. “My friends are over there in the mustang. No doubt they’re losing their minds with jealousy right now.”

That made Riley laugh. “You’ve caught me at lunch. That’s cheating.”

“Yeah, well, don’t tell them that. A thousand bucks are on the line here.”

“That’s quite a bit of money to bet over a conversation with some blackjack dealer.” Riley raised his eyebrows, thoroughly amused by the whole situation.

“A very cute blackjack dealer who normally doesn’t give girls the time of day.”

“I do! I wave at them. On a really good day, I might even wink.”

“A wink, you say? Fancy.”

“They don’t think so, apparently.”

The woman checked her diamond-encrusted watch. “Well, it’s time for me to go. It’s been five minutes and then some, and they’re probably tripping over themselves to find out what you said.”

“Tell them I pick my nose and fart loudly between words.”

She got up and made to leave. “Will do! It was nice meeting you, cute dealer. Can I get a name?” She turned to look at him from her place a few feet away, smiling genuinely.

“Now where’s the fun it that? I have to give you girls something to giggle about.”

At that, she rolled her eyes and walked back to the mustang, bidding him goodbye with a single wave.

If you could pair your character with ANY other character romantically, who would it be and why?

Out of all the characters so far, I’d probably set him up with Kayleigh Olson. He’d subtly be able to draw her out of her jaded shell, and arguing with her would make him a little more outspoken. Their relationship would have a lot of hurt in it, and it might not work out, but it would be an enriching one. That’s out of the characters so far, though. The best match for him in general would be some kind of stage performer or escort, someone whose job is to be seductive. He’s got good judgment, so he’d see her for who she was, not what she was. She’d help him to live a little, not just stay inside cooking and reading and living quietly.

Oh, and one last thing - if you found a way to beat the system, would you take advantage of it?

Definitely not. I’ve got an apartment that’s just right for me and a job that funds my more expensive purchases. Not only do I not need any more money, but cheating is a dangerous game. If you’re caught, you can lose more than just your money. My life isn’t a price I’m willing to pay for riches.

Additional Comments/Your feedback:

Whoops. I think I accidentally like Riley a little more than Giorgio… I just got into his head and found out that it’s actually a really great place to be. I’d play either though!

I wrote a review about the film where I said, “Kristen Stewart gives an electric performance!” and they must have Googled “Kristen Stewart reviews Sundance "Welcome to the Rileys”“ and came up with my quote. They reached out to me and asked if they could change it to "Kristen Stewart is electric.” I said I was fine, so long as they didn’t claim I was saying Kristen Stewart actually conducted electricity, which I stand by her not being able to do, though her performance in the film was very solid.

Laremy Legel