New years | Rilen

Riley sat in the corner of the room, his new collection of comic books he had taken out of the library littering the floor around him as he read. A quiet yawn escaped his lips as he turned the page, his red glasses slipping down on his nose as he lent forward further to examine the picture.

It had been a few weeks since he had gotten a good nights sleep, the explosions sending him into paralyzing fits of panic that not even Lauren was able to distract him from. he had wondered what he looked like when he was panicking like that, did she still think he was the somewhat cool guy she had met before.

That was something else that has been playing on Riley’s mind. He had met several new people around the aslyum and he began to doubt himself instantly. What girl would want the comic nerd anyway? everyone he had spoken to had laughed at him and the idea of Lauren doing the same began to scare him.

Rilen Sketches. Stolen from my sketchbook which means yes they are very rough sketches I know they kind of totally suck but they’re not the final designs because those will kill me augggghhh, traced and coloured. According to my mom the second colours look better, but they’re a pain in the ass to do and would be near impossible to copy every single time. The first colours aren’t as visually appealing, I guess, my mom has weird tastes and I think they’re both ugly but they’re so much easier.

I don’t know. Ignore me. I’ll probably have TOBCIS up some time in the next millenium. Or so. No I won’t.


Farmor såg fjärilen som jag ritat, liggandes på bordet mitt i röran bland pennor, vässkräp och pappren med sångtexter, filmmanus och sketcher. Hon var så glad och stolt. Hon tycker att jag borde gått på en konsthögskola istället, och jag kunde inte hålla med mer. Men jag ska ta mig vidare dit - för jag vet vad jag vill.

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